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Tactics Bolton Tactic

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Nothing special, just a tactic that helped me in low league football. Most of the time you will have a lot of possession(60-70%) and enough chances to score. However, you can struggle against too defensive teams and teams with overcrowded center. In these cases I usually switch from “work into box” to “shoot on sight” and change mentality during last 25 minutes to attacking/overload.

Maybe the most important player in the team is PF, so invest in player with 14/15+ Aggression, Movement, Teamwork and Aerial/Strength( not as important as first three, but will help you to score more from corners and crosses).

CM and BBM better be with all blue or near to that and have good stamina. Other than that, search players by key attributes.

Main attributes for your WB are Crossing, Pace and Stamina.

IW is just normal winger, but with better passing ability. Talking about dominant foot: I don’t think this will help you somehow. If it’s possible, get a both footed player. If not, better look at attributes and forget about it. 

CD need to have good Pace, Positioning and Teamwork or it’s possible that high defensive line and offside trap won’t work.










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On 03/07/2021 at 18:55, hasley said:

AML Right or Left Footed ? Vice versa for AMR. 

Doesn’t really matter(in my opinion). Try different players and choose what’s better for you.

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