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Career It’s a Long Way (back) to the Top


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Back after a bit of a break. Ok, a long break. Had a bit of a play around with FMM21 but before I get too stuck in I wanted to get this one done so I don’t miss the achievement…


Let’s see how this turns out…



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Season 1

After a couple of months of unemployment and improving my golf game, Hartlepool took pity on an unknown wannabe manager with no experience. Currently in 16th place after 11 games they were looking for a playoff spot. 




The Monkey Hangers have a decent wage budget and an unsettled defender worth a bit of cash so i dump him and manage to secure a few top players for free by throwing big wages at them. 





These lads have the weight of this fine Port Town on their shoulders and hit the ground running.



 A few hiccups along the way while the team bonded and Mansell missing a couple of months due to injuries but they took the league by storm. 





3rd place finish, success in the playoffs, and we're off to the football league.

These guys...



Rumours start to spread about a young(ish) upstart making a name for himself in the lower echelons of the football pyramid...


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Season 2

Not much to write home about. Mansell, the hero of season 1 decided he wanted to leave so barely turned up this season and i fiddled around with tactics too much meaning the team barely got settled and we lost far too many games. The board only wanted us to avoid relegation but if I'd won my last game we'd be in the play-offs. Naturally this meant the boys could only muster a draw and we missed out by 1 point. A disappointing season all round.




But onwards and upwards. A couple of key signings and a new formation that's delivering goals-a-plenty - I'm sure we'll be playing in L1 this time next year.

Not much on the job front, a few applications and offers here and there, but my reputation is too low to get anything worth taking. I need a decent cup run or promotion this season to boost that, and then try to make the jump to the Championship.




 It continues...


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Season 3

Much better. New tactic doing the job with goals flying in. Walsall kept us on our toes but the boys dug deep and we won the league, clearing 100 points and 100 goals in the process.



Solid team performance all round with the Angolan Messi having his best season yet…



And then how does he repay my confidence in him? He sods off on a Bosman…


Thanks mate 😂 


Anyway. Managed to keep all my other good players and will strengthen the squad, hoping to go straight up to the Championship. 

We’re getting to the business end of the challenge where if i don’t move to a big club in the next season, maybe 2, I’ll double down and stay with Hartlepool as you need to be somewhere for 5 seasons as part of getting the achievement. Won’t be beating Dai’s awesome effort unless I get very lucky with the monkey hangers and I don’t think that’s possible being where we are now but let’s see what the next year or two hold. 



Reputation up to local now. Better, but a long way to go…

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Season 4

All went to plan here. 



Solid team effort with my front 3 representing in the team of the year.



Piqueti again one of the most consistent performers no matter what the league and goals and assists coming from all over.



To get the achievement you need to be at a club for 5 years so it makes sense to stay put now and push for the World Class rep. If i can get promoted to the prem right away that gives me a few years to win the CL. Alternative would be to jump to a bigger club and get WC rep sooner, but then I'd have to serve 5 years there for the achievement. This is a tougher route, but there were also no jobs (that I could get) at decent clubs that would give me a quicker route to the achievement if everything goes to plan so i'm staying loyal.

On to The Championship...

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Season 5

Back to back updates today...

Championship was pretty straightforward lacked a bit of depth so no luck in the cups but main goal was achieved. Promotion.



New signings and old guard working well together...



Picked up a little Brazilian striker who everyone is now trying to poach from me but he's happy to stay so looking forward to unleashing him on the Prem.




And this guy never fails to impress...



He's played in Conference National, L1, L2 and now Championship and every season he just delivers (21/22 was when we missed out on promotion). He's 32 now and stats are dropping so it's unlikely he'll be a starter in The Prem but he's served me well can carried the team as far as he can and there's talk of a statue outside the stadium when he retires...





National reputation now but still a long way to go to be considered World Class. The board have given me 50m to spend in the first season in the Prem so i'm sure i can do a lot with that where i need to strengthen. Lets see how the boys do in the top flight.


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Season 6

Absolutely blinding first season in the Premiership. No complaints here as we overperformed massively. I needed CL qualification if i was to have a good go at this and the boys delivered. I had to go against my usual instincts of filling my reserves with South American wonderkids for 5 years down the line and focus on the short term for this challenge.

City ran away with the league (not before we did the double over them) and it was a tight finish for top 4 but having Villa and Preston at home as last 2 fixtures helped secure the needed points winning 5 of our last 6 matches.



Even picked up a little bit of silverware on the way. Not quite World Class but a little something for the fans.



The team was just awesome. Made some good signings. Top 3 players of the year all from Hartlepool...



Top 2 young players too... (one was on loan)



And this boy banging in the goals still.



Until he threw his toys out the pram at the back end of the season when i rejected a 36m bid for him (he was worth 90m at the time) and had a patch of 3 goals from 13 matches but then backed down, got himself a juicy new contract (not the 9k/week below!) and ended strongly.





Picked up a great signing...




Not sure he'll ever recover from that fully but he's back playing now so will see how he comes along post hip replacement.


And finally...




National rep now. I'll try and bag an international job to speed things along but its 2 years until the next tournament so who knows...

Onto the CL. 

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Season 7

Solid second season in the Prem. came 2nd and picked up the domestic cups along the way.




Both coming from 2-0 down to win 2-3 I just realised as I posted these. Sorry City!

And what a huge backing from the board…


Maybe not… Anyway,

First CL run went well but got knocked out on away goals by Barca in the semi. We were 2-0 down after the first away leg so the lads did a great job scoring 3 at home but Barca managed the all important away goal and that was that.



Team performed amazingly again. Need to tighten up the defence but I’m going super attacking so will always be leaking goals - just want to not give away the silly ones  


3 of the boys even made it into the World XI



Still sitting at National rep so a bit of work to do.




Oh and the main man and Hartlepool legend Piqueti retired after carrying us from the Conference to the Premiership so felt it was only right he takes his place in our history  



Edited by MikeF
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Season 8

A short update…

Slight tweak to the formation meant a rocky start but then they settled down and delivered the goods. No success in the domestic cups but the fans were delighted with a great season in the league. 


Champions league took a similar turn as last year as we were drawn against Barca in the semis and they beat us 3-0 at their stadium. But the boys dug deep and pulled out a massive 4-0 win at home to go to face Ajax in the final. 



A huge win and most importantly got that rep with World Class to get the achievement. 



And here we go…



1 June 2028 - challenge complete  


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25 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Fantastic. Well done, pal.

This is a very satisfying achievement once completed.

Thanks man! Just one year behind you. You set a tough time to beat!

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