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Tactics 3-1-4-2 Conte-based tactics, Serie-A with Roma in 1.5 years

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I won the Serie A in the 21/22 season with Roma, starting in the club in December of the 20/21 season. My tactics are based on Conte´s Inter´s tactics, but they´re designed by me. This are the main caracteristics and the roles of the players of my 3-1-4-2:


Sweeper keeper: Needs pace, handling, kicking and reflexes.


2 ball playing defenders: They need pace, passing, tackling and dribbling.

1 central defender: Needs aerial, tackling, decisions, positioning, strength and pace.


1 deep lying playmaker: Needs creativity, passing, tackling, technique, positioning and creativity.

1 central midfielder: Needs stamina, shooting, passing, tackling, movement and creativity.

1 advanced playmaker: Needs passing, dribbling, shooting, technique and movement.

2 defensive wingers: They need pace, dribbling, tackling, positioning and crossing.


1 trequartista: Needs creativity, shooting, technique, passing, dribbling and movement.

1 target man: Needs aerial, strength, shooting, teamwork and movement.


The keys of this tactics are the following ones:


-Variety of ways of playing the ball out of defence; short passes with the ball playing defenders and the deep lying playmaker or direct long balls to the target man and the team starts the play from the target man. 


-Protection in the defensive transition; the high pressuer, three centre-backs and the deep lying playmaker give some extra protection against the counter-attacks of the rival.


-Very solid defensive organisation; the 3 centre-backs line and the 4 midfielders line with a player, the deep lying playmaker, beetween the two lines make the organised defense a very strong structure that you can´t break.


-The high pressure; the 2 strikers with 2 defensive wingers and the before-mentioned defensive structure make a very effecitve pressure against 4-defender formations.


This tactics can be resumed in the following words; high pressure, solid defense and playing the ball out of defence.


In that period of time I made this signings:

- Roger Ibañez for 7.25M€, making the loan a permanent deal.

- Marçao for 31M€.

- Steven Nzonzi, back from his loan-spell.

- Iago Aspas for 24M€.

- Silas Katompa Mvumpa (Silas Wamangituka) for 25M€.

- Simy for 9M€.


Here I post some photos of the second season. I hope you like it, as it´s the first time that I post about my tactics.




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