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Career Rob attempts Badge 10 - Results


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Badge 10 is simple: Mbappe and Haaland, any club, one season, and goals and assists for both is your score. @Rich, the clever Welsh sausage, created it:



So I had a few goes at this and am posting my best result.


Rather than stay at PSG where Mbappe already is, I headed to a club I know well: Bayern Munich. They are the club I always create test saves on. It’s also nice not having to bother remembering to increase Alaba’s contract too, as I always forget it expires at the end of season one!




Our two man lads joined as part exchanges. The Bayern team was my basis, with plenty of squad strengthening and fleshing out for the season long slog.

Any else always sign Spinnazola and find it mad how everyone now raves about him during the Euros?



We lost the Champions Cup final, but did the business elsewhere.

The boys

The lads finished looking like this:


Two phenomenal players. What I like about this challenge is that they are both a bit different too, so it allows all sorts of tactics to work and not just crosses.



Injuries to Haaland meant he missed 8-10 games, but Kylian sailed through unscathed.

We finished with a score of 170. @Rich please can you add me to the leaderboard when you aren’t too busy painting your nails?

This is a really fun challenge and one I thoroughly recommend!

Thanks for reading.

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6 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Brilliant stuff, as expected mate. Well done.

Cheers pal. To be fair I only posted the best one - the others weren’t as good.

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11 hours ago, Plimmerz92 said:

Might give this a go just experimenting with a good old fashioned 41212 with west ham. If its any good I'll give this challenge a go :)

Give it a go! The assists bit is what really bamboozled me as we are all so used to getting players to score.

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