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Career 1k Challenge - A tribute to a great...


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Time to get cracking with the triple crown starting off with a classic 1k goals challenge.

I don't have a 1k tactic for FMM21 so will do this as I go along so chose a team that looks like it has a good mix terms of wingers and youngsters.

Could Neverkusen finally make it to the top of the table under the new manager? 

The news broke...



Looking for the perfect frontman to take this challenge on, we didn't even have to leave the country. In homage to the greatest player to have ever graced the football simulation world, I give you...

Tonton Zola Youssoufa Moukoko




We were given a modest 40m to spend at the start of season. Dortmund wanted 50m for him, but accepted 30m and 50% of any sell on. An absolute bargain for a 15 year old with 14 for finishing and the world at his left foot.

Cleared out a lot of deadwood to get a juicy 100m in the bank and signed a few familiar names - we were ready to get started with a good first team but lacking in depth...








He started about as well as you could hope:


A sign of things to come.

We were pushing Bayern for the whole season until a couple of injuries and a fixtures pile up exposed the lack of squad depth and we dropped a few points. But, we managed to hang on for CL qualification. We deserved 2nd, but 3rd will do. Guess that's a problem when you want all goals to go through a 15/16 yr old, you don't score as many as you'd hope. We did however, pick up some silverware along the way and it was devastating that the young lad had to miss the final due to being exhausted.




Well, how did he do? Tonton Zola would be proud...



League top scorer and a host of awards:










The boy is a legend already and developing nicely.



Team stats:





Manager stats:






Season 1: 42 goals scored


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Great start there. This Moukoko is great too - it's sort of like how Ronaldo (CR7) is to Ronaldo (the real one!). 😄 At least in the game - so sad how things turned out for Tonton Zola in real life...

Anyway, good luck, this will be a massive career I think.

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Season 2 - The difficult second album...


Call it pressure, call it poor business in the transfer market, but this season was a bust.

He's come on a bit in development but I really need to get his decision making up. He misses a lot of chances and is out of position quite a lot but he's young and maybe my formation was asking too much. I'll tweak it and simplify it - in hindsight i probably should have tested a formation first but oh well.


Anyway 34 goals from 40 games was the outcome.




The team did better in the league, taking 2nd place but that win is still proving elusive for this club.


We also had a ridiculous group in the CL so failed to get past the group stage



All in all not a great performance but i blame myself. Bailey wanted to leave and i had my wonderkid goggles on when recruiting so the team was inexperienced and not yet at its prime. Give them a year or two and we'll be firing on all cylinders. 








We also lost Pavon for 7 months with a skipped disc so my assist master and corner taker was out of action which we really felt as no one stepped up. 

Team stats:




That said, the boy still won a host of awards and turned in a decent return.










Manager stats:







Not the greatest season but maybe my expectations were too high after the great first season from him. He's very young still and i need some experience in the team to help the youngsters.

Lets see how S3 goes, i have high hopes...


Goals: 76/1000

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Very unlucky about the Pavon injury. You’ve built a pretty good team regardless and they’d surely be world beaters in no time. KIU

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This will be ending early unfortunately. Managed to save the latest Vibe World Cup attempt over this game which is a real pain in the ***. He’d just had his first decent season too…


I’ll start another (backed up!) attempt soon…

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Oh damn... 🤯 Bummer... 

Was going to say bad luck with the Pavon injury and not to worry too much about only 34 goals in second season (youngsters are always inconsistent). And also that was a real deathly group of death!!

PS, I've got the same wonderkid goggles as you! 

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