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Chat Need some help for a friend who can't play because crash


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So i have a friend who played FM Mobile a lot and even up until recently. But around yesterday his game suddenly crashes after the game somehow asked to optimize the app like when anybody started fm21 for the first time. And since then he would always be stuck in the menu screen because the app constantly asked to opmitize and not just that, he even tried to reinstall it just in case but the app still crashes after he is done reinstalling several times

So if anybody have experienced this please tell me i want to help him.

The app crashes at this window tooIMG-20210727-WA0008.thumb.jpg.46c03e8bb1c0a41a04d68bf5acb0f023.jpg

an example of the app crashing

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11 minutes ago, leedsunited87 said:

Has his phone got enough memory to run the game? 

he said at the moment he has around 1 gb space with fm in his phone right now

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Go to Android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/Normal/Cache/ delete that file named fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc and reopen the game again.

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