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Chat They need to fix transfer negotiations


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I put one of my players for sale and a club offer my player for 75k. My player value is 70k. I thought to my self what about 100k. They were like refusing for 100k even though their club is playing at the championship. I ask them for 100k and they still refuse even though it's only 25k+. And then transfer negotiations are cut off. I forgor to screenshot u guys the transfer negotiations. When i want to buy their players worse player(I'm doing this for a test) they want 1mil even though that player value is 500k. I really wish they fix the negotiations so it be a little realistic.


Edit: Forgot to ask why they are only some certain players we can use for a swap. Like i have to swap ronaldo for messi (JUST AN EXAMPLE BTW I DON'T WANT TO SEE SOME BARCA OR RONALDO FANS TO ARGUE ABOUT THIS) and can't i swap with de ligt?

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It could be fixed, but this isn't necessarily a problem. Value is just a totally made up number, and of course teams will lowball you if they know you want to sell. Plenty of teams would buy a player irl if, and only if, he's cheap. Going the other way, if the other team doesn't want to sell and the player isn't itching to move, they can absolutely quote you a 'fuck off' price. 

You can unsettle players to reduce prices, and always check contracts ending and transfer list, you can find some quality players there. 


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What @hhooo said, although I'd add that some clubs will be quite willing to negotiate in a single club negotiation (auctions too, but more dangerous as you get less warning they will end negotiations). I recently got £5M for a player that was worth £1.5M because the club offering was flush with money and really wanted him. But other times they will not move even one cent - it seems sometimes clubs have a hard limit on what they will offer...

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