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Help What striker role has a built-in 'Moves into channels' trait


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In my previous save, I had a freak as a striker who helped me take my terrible Armanford side from the pits of Welsh football to the top. He still remains the most terrifying center forward I have ever managed. 

He was a poacher but not just an ordinary poacher. One that loved to move into the channels. This trait made him a very unique outlet. Poachers prefer to stay central. It doesn't matter if they are paired with another striker or alone. They stay in the middle, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on a through ball. 

This striker I'm talking about preferred to move into the wide areas to receive. I play hoofball in a low block,  so I was always looking to hit it over the opposition back line. A poacher staying central would have to battle it out with the CBs. But my poacher could drift to the flanks to receive comfortably.

This trait made chance creation very easy because he always escaped the two centre backs who could easily intercept the long balls.

Has anyone figured out any role which has a default 'moves into channels' trait? I tried AF. But AF stays central to receive then runs down the channels with the ball. The combination of a poacher's role (staying high up the pitch and not contributing to build up ) + the 'moves into channels' trait makes him a perfect outlet for long balls. 

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If it is not one of the traits that shows up on the positions screen, then I guess you would be looking for high stats in movement and teamwork combined with the AF role.

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