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Tactics The TT Blaster - An All Out Attack Tactical System


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After many requests, I've decided to post the tactical system I've used in quite a few saves this year, including my 3 x 1KC career. There are some very important things to note, outlined in the next section.


What This Is Not

  • This is not a plug and play tactic - it's more of a tactical system and you'll have to tweak things for optimal performance.

  • This is not a tactic that will work against all teams - you are going to have to change the instructions, maybe even the formation against some tactics (more on that below).

  • This is NOT a tactic that will help you win with an average team - in fact an average team will get thumped 6-0. A good team will win (or lose) 5-4. Only a great team will see good results with this.


Other Notes

  • You will need fast defenders with good Positioning to make this work. Your favourite CD only has 13 Pace? Sell him and buy someone with at least 15, preferably higher. In fact, your whole team should be as fast as possible.

  • Although this tactic provides multiple pathways forward, you need wingers with high Crossing and strikers with high Aerial to take full advantage.


Formation And Roles

If I'm trying to get most of the opportunities to go to the front 3, I'll use this:


However, if I'm trying to get four players scoring, I'll go with this instead:


In the first scenario, the AM is obviously more defensive than they would be as a T, and they are more likely to stay a bit deeper and act in a supporting role.

In the second scenario, the T will get forward more looking to both assist and score - and it has to be said that the T is one of the most overpowered roles in FMM21.

At various points, normally when one of my prime goal scorers has been injured, I'll change one of the TMs to a DLF, in the hope that the replacement will play a bit deeper and set up the other two forwards more often. I've experimented with some other things along the way, such as DLF TM P and that works reasonably well, but I keep coming back to the combinations above.



These are the defaults I use when my team is fully levelled up and ready to crush all before it's path:




I normally get between 20 and 30 shots per game, depending on the level of opposition and the tactic they use. At the other end, I normally only concede 2 to 10 shots per game. However, that's in ideal circumstances - there are plenty of times where I need to tweak these instructions.



Here are the most common tweaks I make:

  • If I get 20 minutes into a game and we've only had a couple of shots, I'll normally move to either Attacking or Balanced (whichever works best) so the players sit a little deeper, then turn on Run At Defence and Closing Down All Over.
  • If we're conceding a lot of shots, I might go to Defensive or even move a player back. If the opponents have two up front, they can sometimes get a lot of chances - or a lot of goals from only a few chances - in which case I might move one of the IWBs back to CD and move a W back to WB (I have most players cross trained so this sort of thing is possible).
  • For some reason, this tactic doesn't like the 4 4 2. There's nothing special I do for that, apart from what's written above - I might just move to that from the start of the game instead of waiting to see if we get goals. That said, when we're really strong we can power through this.
  • The biggest bogey tactics are those with 1 S, 2 AMs and 2 CMs (where there are more players in the centre of the pitch and less out wide). This seems to stifle our ability to create chances. In these cases, I try to encourage more wide play. I turn off the passing focus of Centre, making it Mixed instead (or Both Flanks although I've had very mixed results with that). Sometimes I will Look For Overlap as well. Sometimes I will move to Direct or Mixed Passing. If whatever I try first isn't working, then I'll change it again.
  • Early on in a career, when my team isn't strong, I'll go with Balanced (or even Defensive), Run At Defence and Closing Down All Over from the get go. Then when my team has levelled up, I'll switch to Overload as the default.
  • Sometimes if things aren't working during a game, I will tweak random things! Maybe try Slow to see if leads to be better chances. Maybe try Direct to see if we get the ball moving forward quicker. Maybe something else.

As you can see, this really isn't a plug and play tactic. That said, when you have a world class team, it works most of the time (especially if you are playing in a weaker league). But it takes a few seasons of tweaking a lot to get there and you'll still need to tweak sometimes.



  • This is provided as a take it or leave it tactic. It works for me. If it works for you, great! If it doesn't, sorry, I probably can't help you make it work.

  • Note: challenges have a "you must use your own tactic" rule, so you can't just take this tactic and use it on a TT, etc. You can use it for inspiration for your own tactic however.

  • This may not work in FMM22, as this has been raised with SI Games (which may be for the best).


Would This Work In Real Life?

My first instinct was "of course not", but the more I think about it, the more I want to see a real team try something like this!

Remember, this only works when your players are much stronger than the opponents. What would happen if PSG decided to play only one defender against Brest? Ie, if they went with a formation something like this (not the TT Blaster exactly as their players don't fit it):


Would Brest decided to attack them and get a few goals? Or would they take one look down the other end, gulp, and then sit back and try not to get destroyed?

From a technical point of view, the two obvious weaknesses are a) the lack of cover at the back, but fast IWBs and the DLP dropping back to help the CD would help limit the damage; and b) the lack of bodies in central midfield, but when you have the ball the IWBs would come into midfield, providing a good launch pad to get things moving forward to that devastating attack. That said, I'm no tactician and I'm probably being overly optimistic!

I guess we'll never know, as it would take a very brave manager to try it in the first place - but in the unlikely event that someone ever does, I can point people to this thread and claim credit! 🤣


Anyway, there you go. Hope it's of interest to some of you.


Edited by Scratch
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1 minute ago, broodje kip said:

Too long, didn’t read, nice tactic, Scratchy. 😂😂

Haha, most people who ask me for it are expecting a plug and play tactic, not something that needs an entire essay on how to use it! 🤣

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Hi guys so yeah iam playing with ol and the second season is a disaster for me i keep losing games and my defenders are not doing well at this moment what tactic should i use for high scoring

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