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Chat Get any players you want for free!!! (exploiting a Bug)


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Hi everyone,
I found this bug and I exploited it on my current save managing Man United.
So I've got Harry Kane (144M), Haaland (98M), Yacine Adli (48M), and Manuel Ugarte (21.5M) for free while they are still in contract with other teams.
Actually I don't really need them, as I still managed to sell my deadwoods for good value (which is kinda hard 😅).

934316592_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20_44PM.thumb.jpeg.7897aa2cf42c5830d06a549f4270e16f.jpeg   1485741338_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(1).thumb.jpeg.e0fad2b8cb1f73b7212275122085bf6e.jpeg

299350336_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(4).thumb.jpeg.249844e76ec9a46f04e11e13eb672357.jpeg   1672075530_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(5).thumb.jpeg.22e8f5cd9cccb9f13f038bb65847b7fb.jpeg

1114986650_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(3).thumb.jpeg.86595e733cd2f510c336ef2b7a045a3a.jpeg   1391165713_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(2).thumb.jpeg.45fd936f84ee0ed417cfe31f70d45d11.jpeg

1741887121_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(6).thumb.jpeg.ca54008d22a5cc64d05a8d4b5c22b597.jpeg   1879475502_WhatsAppImage2021-08-16at12_20.44PM(7).thumb.jpeg.2ebad8b711e1568968e4901222fa493c.jpeg

On previous window, I got Ndidi, Ali Akman (Loan back), and Milan Skriniar (end of the season) for free.



Here's example:
1. Make offer to a player (ex: Mo Salah).

2. If you have competition to get that player, that means you have the possibility to get him for free.


3. Check on other team's bid, and remember their value, then Exit negotiations.

4. Make offer again to him, then Exit negotiations, do not make any bid.
5. Make offer random player and Exit negotiations.
6. Make offer again to player you wanted for free.

7. Change to enquiry, and make sure the fee is above other team's bid, but below given fee.


8. Suddenly liverpool being very generous and give him for free.




But sometimes this doesn't work and the fee automatically rise to some acceptable value.
And as I make this post I've got Salah for free as well 🤣.
Maybe you all can try it and maybe you can figure the algorithm hahaha.
For me myself this ruin the game, but if you like to make your PSG alike which sign Messi, Wijnaldum, Ramos for free, you can use this bug as well.

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