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Career 1k Challenge - The Importance of Being Ernest

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Season 11

Another big season from Earnie. 92 from 52. 



I made a little tweak towards the end of the season which should mean more team goals go through him so I’ll see how they works out next year.

Won everything again (as we should do with the players we have) with Poku making his mark in the CL final, scoring 2 and getting sent off 😂. His first red card so I guess that’s an achievement after 11 years of playing. He rarely gets booked at all looking at it. Or injured. He’s a bit of a beast. 





Assists mostly from my wingers and two APs again. Loser was benched most of the season as he scores too many but he’ll get more of a look in this season as Odegaard pushes 32. I bought Gravenberch back to the club for the fans too.


Pavon retired and got his testimonial which is turn led to my son coming through the academy. 


Slow, selfish and not very creative - he definitely takes after his old man. 

Goals: 685

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Season 12

He's about as desperate to get this challenge over as i am it seems. His best season yet in terms of goals/game (1.8) getting 93 goals from 51 games. A couple of extra inches (who doesn't want that?!) or just better at taking penalties and he'd be over 100 goals each season here. But he's never injured and is always happy so no complaints from me at all. He could be a good candidate to go to China for a 2k challenge being so cheap at the start. Maybe i've not seen the last of him yet...





Same, same.





Odegaard is now 33 but i've got a couple of youngsters from the academy i'm bringing into the first team, but i'll miss him and his assists - he fits my system well. Lavallen is my left winger (di Maria I think) and corner taker and then my other AP and winger get a good share of assists too.


I found setting Poku to target man, but having two APs and short passing means they play it to feet a lot more instead of whipping in lots of crosses which with 12 aerial he's not going to win.

This is what i've been using since his big jump up. The APs roam forward with IWBs covering them which gives us a nice 235 in possession and a solid midfield if we get caught out of possession.



Goals: 778

Looks like 3 seasons to go for this one...


Oh and the boy is actually coming along ok but he's a long way off the first team so will be farmed out on loan again as he works his way up my affiliate ladder (Salford (L1) > Wigan/Blackburn (CH) > Ajax)


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Another season done, with a good return. I've never really mastered a tactic that doesn't rely on crosses so you've done really well with that. The tactic looks good.

From my own 1kc experience in China with Woodburn. Aerial ability isn't all that important as Woodburn's was maxed out at 11 and he still scored an obscene amount with his head.

Keep it going, pal.

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Season 13

Had the CWC again this year but didn’t manage to get over 100 goals as he had a bad tourney until the final. Managed to squeeze 95 out of him though for his second best season ever.




PSG beat us in the CL final in a bit of an upset and being my 200+ unbeaten streak to an end. 





Formation still doing its thing. Daal is a young lad from my academy who is stepping into Odegaard’s shoes and did amazingly well in his first proper season. In fact not many goals went elsewhere which is good  lots of high teamwork players making a good difference.


Goals: 873


Edited by MikeF

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