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Career SV Wehen Wiesbaden- My Philosophy


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I chose SV Wehen Wiesbaden at random from the Liga 3 league. The club has a long & varied history, founded in 1926 but has only ever reached 2.Bundesliga. After much searching, I have finally found my definitive philosophy & couldn't wait to try it.


I asked the board to improve the Stadium & Facilities on my 1st day at the club. The board agreed to update the 1st Team Facilities from Average to Good. The stadium remains at 15,000 capacity with average attendance of 11,000.



The staff room was improved & increased with more Coaches,Scouts etc. The finances remain OK although have been tightened due to our summer signings. The training was delegated to our assistant manager Mike Krannich.



Many players were bought in & out of the club in the Summer. The players out made way for the new players in via wages,fees etc. The players in were bought through player search 20-30yr olds(not injured players) & searching the following attributes in every position, including GK:

  • STAMINA="With the demands placed on a player over a full season, players with high attribute ratings for Stamina are able to perform at their top levels for longer"
  • PACE="Pace is that top speed and, together with Stamina and Natural Fitness, controls how long they are able to maintain it, both in short bursts and over the course of a match"
  • POSITIONING="reflects the ability of a player to read a situation and manoeuvre themselves into the best possible location to deal with the unfolding events in defensive situations"

The inspiration for this player searching was actually from Pep Guardiola's Positional System. Pep Guardiola on Match of the day against Norwich indicated that he did not like his players moving much & would much prefer the ball doing the work with players sticking strictly to their position. 

This also follows on from Pep's 3 Rules of Possession, Pressure & Positioning. My Tactic focuses heavily on overloads, short passing & working the ball into the box to create overloads & maintain possession just like Tiki-Taka. The tactic also focuses on pressure with players going after the ball all over the pitch aggressively when it is lost.  Finally, in attack, my players roles are fluid like Barcelona's incredible team of 2011 BUT in defence, positioning is key & these new attributes allow my players to be fit enough to sprint back to the correct positions to defend as well as play the offside trap. 

In conclusion, Fluid Tiki-Taka passing football on the ball & aggressive pressing & excellent positioning off the ball.




We used the Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic as it has been shown to be successful. The tactic worked well, especially defensively where we had the best defence in the league. Although not the best attacking, the defence meant that 1 or 2 goals provided a win or draw.



The result was excellent, gaining SV Wehen Wiesbaden promotion to the 2.bundesliga, one of my best & most important seasons on FMM21. We won 21 of our 38 matches,with a Win & draw rate of 77% providing many points. My amended player search attributes worked perfectly, winning us the league in my very 1st season with the club.








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