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Chat Players regressing or not improving


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I am currently managing Everton and finished 3rd in the league in my first season but I have noticed a bug, AGAIN. I have had to delete countless saves and restart due to players not improving or 19 year olds in form wonderkids going from 5 start potential to 2.5 star potential. 

My first purchase was Durdevic. He's a wonderkid who was quickly better than Calvert-Lewin, so I sold Calvert-Lewin and played him consistently. At first he was improving quite a bit through the season, then out of nowhere he just reset to his original stats and midway through my second season he hasn't improved one single stat, no matter what intensity or type of training, or playing consistency.

I also recalled Moise Keane from his automatic PSG loan. as he had 19 shooting and a lot of other great stats. I was thinking of eventually making him a complete forward as all his stats were great and he was only 20 years old. He was quickly my top goalscorer, and after 1 random game all his stats reset to his original stats but with green arrows pointing up, saying that his shooting had gone up but it was now shown as 18 instead of 19.

Another purchase was Renier at CM. 19 years old and my consistent CM whom helped me finish 3rd. Got late into the season and checked his stats and again, they had all reset to his original stats and midway through the second there has not been a single attribute change for any of the stats, so he's sat there at 2 stars with 2 stars potential.

This has happened with almost all of my players, I had to delete a previous save because of the same issue, i don't know if it's just my game and i don't know how to fix it, but it is consistent with every save and impossible to play. I have several wonderkids in the team or decent players that won't change at all, the only changes to any player in my team is regressing or occasional 1 stat boosts. Even Richarlison who was in the world XI and only 24 has regressed a lot with red arrows. 

Literally all my players have reset to their original stats, have zero potential growth, and that shows by them not having any attribute changes at all.

Another thing to note is my coaching staff have ZERO influence on my players, every save. I buy new coaches and check if they have had any influence on players and every save there is not a player listed, except the original players from the original staff.


How can I fix this?

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