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Poll LW&RW ideas


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Ok since playing fmm last few versions I have always used the two same midfielders as wingers and those 2 are Pavon & Villa.

Looking for new talent any suggestions for the China league? Maybe I'm missing a few hidden gems. 

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2 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Charles De Ketelaere for me. If you have the money, Ander Barrenetxea or Mikel Damsgaard would be nice either.

What leagues do you need for CDK?

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On the right: I used Daniel James at Beijing (might not have been 1st season, can't remember) - he's pretty good already and gets better. Also I've used Vignato to great effect once he's trained up and ditto for Cangiano, although probably need Italy loaded for both of those. I've retrained Verschaeren to be a good RW, although he's not as good in the March DB as he was earlier (still pretty good, but not as great).

On the left, I always come back to Lainez because he is at that intersection of having a lot of improvements, but not being tooo expensive. Diaby is another, but costs more now I believe. Then often used retrained WBs, like Jamal Lewis, Netz, Miranda, etc.

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I've seen a few over different games who get a decent number of assists, even for other clubs:

David Brooks (Bournemouth)
Dwight McNeil (Burnley)
Redwan Bourles (Lorient)
Fabio Vieira (FCP)
Filip Stevanovic (Man City)
Rabbi Matondo (Schalke)
Daniel James (Man Utd)
Asier Cordoba (Athletic Pamplona B)

The trouble is finding one who gets a lot of assists without scoring alot of goals (not really a problem in a standard game, but if you're going for a 1kc then they can be frustrating!) 

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My faves have been named already, one more I'd reccomend is Antonio Marin, but it just depends on the luck of the draw whether he flops or turns into a world beater. He starts with 17 dribbling and 12 or 13 crossing I think.

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On 25/08/2021 at 15:17, Woody said:

Sergi Canos is a great choice for RW and at a decent price too and i would go for Mbuemo down the left. @Mr Tree would attest to that! 

They are both beautiful men, although we would play them inverted in a front 3. At the moment, Canos is playing RWB and Mbeumo as our second striker! 

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