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Help Problems with West Brom attak

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It's my second Manager carrier in FMM21 and I'm fighting against relegation with West Brom. Now my team occupies 16th place in EPL and have terrifying problems with scoring goals, they scored only 7 goals in 10 games. On the final third I use WIB and Throughballs. Our team always end games with only 5-7 shots. On post-match report I always see "our striker didn't test opposition keeper enough" and "lone striker didn't have support". My forward Karlan Grant can't enter the game, he scored 3 goals, but he missed some moments and he always loose aerial duels. I hope for your help to improve the situation.

I'm so sorry for my poor English.






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@VodkaBalalaikaBear - can you share some extra screenshots? For example, the fixtures page (to show your past results)? 

Plus some screenshots of a recent / next match - your tactics page, the opposition’s tactics page, plus your team’s stats page (shows the number of passes, tackles, shots, etc - for each of your players in that game). Ideally you’d show some screenshots of the highlights also - which would show your player’s movement during your attacks.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Aerial Duels (i) - your striker is losing these because he’s not good in the air (compared with other EPL central defenders). He has 12 aerial & 13 strength, against opposition defenders who typically have 14-18 in both stats. If you want to win more aerial duels, you need a better aerial ST (Andy Carroll on loan from Newcastle is an extreme example of that with ~18 in both stats).
  • Aerial Duels (ii) - your 2 IF are unlikely to be crossing often, so I guess most of your Strikers aerial duels come from your 2 WBs crosses, or long balls from your defenders (as your passing is on ‘mixed’). If you want to keep playing your ST Grant up-front, then perhaps reduce the amount of aerial duels he wastes - e.g. play 2 FB (not WB), change the passing focus to ‘centre’, and perhaps switch passing style to ‘direct’ (or ‘short’ if you have great passing MCs).
  • Attacking Roles - I’ve never got an AF + 2 IFs to work - the 2 IFs seem to take the same space for me and the opposition defenders ca play super narrow. So maybe switch an IF to an IW or Winger - to get more width & space. HOWEVER others have got an AF + 2 IFs to work - so maybe they have a better idea.
  • Midfield Roles - a AP, B2B and Anchor combination is my favoured combination. The AP moves to sit behind the strikers while the Anchor stays deep, so there is more space to pass through the middle.
  • Wing Back Roles - if you want to play Wing Backs and a mixed passing focus, you need a better aerial ST as mentioned above. If you want to play short passes through the center, perhaps change these to IWB to create more passing options. If you want to play direct through the center, then maybe normal or defensive full backs should work.
  • Defenders Roles - I think this is far too attacking. As you’re a weaker team in the EPL, I’d change both CBs to normal CBs (not Libero!). This should help defensively also


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PS. I want to see your past fixtures as your defensive setup may be a big problem. 

  • Deep line, but closing down all over the pitch = inconsistent.
  • Time wasting, but want to score more goals = also inconsistent.

Is there an FMM21 tactics guide someone can recommend?! 😄


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2 hours ago, DanEnglish said:

PS. I want to see your past fixtures as your defensive setup may be a big problem. 

  • Deep line, but closing down all over the pitch = inconsistent.
  • Time wasting, but want to score more goals = also inconsistent.

Is there an FMM21 tactics guide someone can recommend?! 😄


I don't have such problems with defence, the last mach vs Newcastle I played with FBs and direct passing. The board will sack me after some days, l'm convinced. I don't know how to appreciate it.






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I tried short passing, Grant as DLF and IWBs, so we won against Burnley with a great attaking display and brought 1 point aganst Chelsea with a very solid game. Thanks for your help! 

Edited by VodkaBalalaikaBear
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Will give a longer reply later, but one note for now - I meant to say try using 1 IF and either a IW OR a Winger - just saw your tactic. For example Diangala as an IF from the right (as per your original post), but change the left sided guy to a IW or Winger.

Have loaded up West Brom now and am trying it out.

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Hi @VodkaBalalaikaBear,

You asked an interesting question and gave some useful screenshots - so I’ve loaded WBA myself, played your tactic & team, playing 3 friendlies up to half time against Championship sure Burnley.

The aim was to analyse your attacking patterns and see how your tactic scores against a weaker side...


3 games (first half only):

  • Drawing 0:0 (at half time!)
  • winning 4:0 (at half time!)
  • winning 2:0 (at half time!)
  • total = 6 goals in 135 mins


1st goal was a long shot from outside the box. Your tactic discourages that, as you have “work into box” selected.


2nd goal was a rebound after your ST Grant had a 1:1. This was the goal closest to your instructions <thumbs up> But I think a better EPL defend would have prevented the build up / through ball.


3rd goal was a cross from your right sided IF. your tactic discourages that, as you have a left footed on the right side in an IF role. Am not sure how ST Grant wins this header against Burnley’s aerial DCs.


Goal 4 is a direct free kick / long shot. Am not sure if your tactic / set piece takers is setup to maximise set piece goals ... ?


Goal 5 was a fluke. Your ST Grant received the ball with his back to goal and no space. However the opposition DC tackled him, and the ball ran through for your IF to slot home. Suggests a DLF could work.


Goal 6 was another cross and header after a badly cleared free kick. This was the only header ST Grant won in the 3rd game.



  • Short Passing - three goals came from short passing moves. With IWB, this may be worth trying.
  • Lack width - the opposition defence can play very narrow, so few opportunities to successfully connect those through balls. If you play with an AF, can you play a winger / IW / AP on one side.
  • Lack space - with your 3 attackers trying to make the same runs, rarely are opposition defenders pulled out of position. If you play with 2 IFs, can you change your ST to an DLF or similar, to create space for those IFs.
  • Deep WBs - if you want them crossing more (to a better aerial ST), then you need them more advanced up the pitch. OR if you want to keep your ST Grant without WB crosses - then IWB would give more passing options.

Example Screenshots:

In every game, I could see opportunities for a DLF to drop deep, drag out the defence, to allow space for an IF.

Plus look how narrow their defence is in each screenshot.





Game 1 - forgot to take a screenshot.

Game 2 - a couple of (successful) long shots, only 2 successful crosses, and many mistakes (12 in 45 mins!)

Game 3 - also had some long range shots, crossing incredibly unsuccessful and fewer mistakes but still a lot (5 in 45 mins).



Game 2 - you can see our defenders’ misplaced passes in red (short passing + IWBs would help), the massive amount of mistakes in yellow (not enough good / easy passing options?) and the importance of your 2 MC as everything goes through them in green.

Ignore how many aerial duels your ST Grant won in this game, that’s abnormal.



Game 3 - see the unsuccessful crosses in orange, the ST Grant’s unsuccessful aerial duels in red, more mistakes in midfield, and the importance of MC Gallagher in green.


Overall Advice

You need to make a choice about whether to play:

  1. a central passing game (with IWBs for more passing options, plus either a central DLF or a wide IW / Winger to create space) ...
  2. or play a crossing / direct game (with a better aerial ST / TM, pushed up WBs, with long shots on, and perhaps a DLP in the DMC position to switch the play to the flanks?).
  • As you can see, selecting one style usually means adapting the other instructions (and player transfers!) accordingly.

Note - with the players you have available, I don’t think you can successfully setup a gengenpress / high pressing style with PFs etc, so have removed that as an option. Also haven’t included other options which involve different formations.

Does this help? What’s your situation now?

Edit - Am also interested in others’ analysis and suggestions from these screenshots!



Edited by DanEnglish
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