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Career [1K/50⁵⁰] Walking in the Footsteps of Giants


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Hello again folks, it's demarai again.. For those of you who've followed me awhile ago, I asked whether or not you guys are open on the subject of IGE careers, and the responses that've followed has made me quite optimistic in doing this attempt. Of course a generic "manager story, 30-season" type of career would be too boring to follow so I've been thinking about what should I focus this playthrough on... Welp thanks in large part to @Ian wonderful write up and challenge attempt with Ianis Hagi i felt inspired on doing a somewhat similar attempt in recreating that. So... without further ado, let's get to it







Enough with the Haalands or the Mbappes or just about any other wonderkid for that matter, it's time for someone wholly new to be the star of the show. Now this might bite back at me and all of this experiment can then be deemed a failure but.... I wouldn't know it until I go through it till the end now do I? ;)

So abit of some fictional backstory.. Marcelo here is a Belgian-born (it's legit what the actual player's nationality was before the tweak) Dutch wunderkind hailing from the underage groups of RC Lens, of which Raphael Varane was another graduate of note. Enrolled to the world-class INF Clairefontaine after his 13th birthday, he would then be swooped upon by OL's academy team where he has remained since prior to his somewhat low-key €1.8M move to Man City.






I feel like the team I'm managing should need no introduction. Manchester City, the modern era's Big Two alongside Qatari-backed PSG. A team of considerable status in recent times and perhaps the best club the land has to offer at this moment in time. 







The group of players available at our disposal currently. Now I know this might be controversial to some considering the team and the players that I have at the ready for when Sane eventually takes centre stage, but remember some of these names will eventually be gone by the time Sane hit age 20. Given Marcelo's age and status in the team currently it will be abit while before we start seeing progress on the challenge, which should in theory makes the attempt much more challenging and interesting to follow


As the title suggests, I will attempt to do the 1K+50/50 challenge during this playthrough so hopefully I can try and reach those milestones as I go along. Ofc considering the player our boy Marcelo is trying to emulate I will try and progressiely add more challenges to see if I can also complete those side quests aswell, but other than that, that's all from me for now


Thanks for reading, hope you guys will enjoy this playthrough, and see you guys on the next update :)

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You wont be able to submit any of your scores for leaderboards as you have used the editor.

So aslong as you know this i wish you the best of luck. 👍

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8 hours ago, Woody said:

You wont be able to submit any of your scores for leaderboards as you have used the editor.

So aslong as you know this i wish you the best of luck. 👍

Yeah sadly I won't but that doesn't me I shouldn't try it for myself ;)

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16 hours ago, Woody said:

You wont be able to submit any of your scores for leaderboards as you have used the editor.

So aslong as you know this i wish you the best of luck. 👍

Thanks for the heads up :), I'll definitely going to do another attempt when I can, this time without the IGE

15 hours ago, Rich said:

Good luck mate, should be good to follow 😁

Thanks man, I'm going to need every bit of it :D

21 minutes ago, YungGaffer said:

Let's see how long he takes to breakthrough into this STACKED team

Yeah, I really think much of the intrigue for the first few seasons will focus on that issue. The WC in Qatar is about to commence and that means once it's over it's time to give extensions to the two of De Bruyne and Messi, which in turn would mean they'll retire by the end of their new contract as an effect. That doesn't necessarily mean Sané will start getting a lot more matchtime in his 2nd season at the Etihad

Signing Fati not only strengthen the squad beyond measure but also sorta put a big block to Sané's imminent progression in the short term. And whilst yes, I do see Grealish as a natural long term solution to losing De Bruyne, I'm happy having the Englishman in the right of our attacking trident

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Hey, just a quick teaser for now, haven't been able to play alot lately so progress has been scuffed somewhat but am planning to post a 1st update around next week

For now I'll leave you guys with this instead ;)


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