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Challenges The $1 BILLION Chairman’s Challenge


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Chairman’s Challenge



Following the continued success of @Titjes Draft League with 9 other Vibe players - I bought the Editor + started this new single player version of his creation.


This challenge requires the FMM21 Editor.

Starting a new save, take over & edit West Brom in England, remove all players, pick a new manager + then spend $1 billion US dollars on a 22 man squad. You then holiday through the months, letting your new manager lead you to (hopeful) glory.

<Detailed Setup In Spoiler>

<Advice + Tips in Spoiler>


The aim is - how quickly can you win 5 European Champions Leagues? I.e. what in-game year do you win the 5th?


To improve + rebuild your squad over time, here are some simple rewards to boost your balance / budget (all received on Aug 1st of the next season).

  • League finish = 1st: you get $50m, 2nd: 40m, 3rd: $30m, 4th: $40m ... 5th-7th: $10m ... 8th + below: nothing.
  • Cup Wins: ECL: $50m, either Euro Cup $40m, FA Cup $30m, Carabao Cup $20m ... then Community Shield, Euro Super Cup + World Club Cup $10m each. Runners-up get nothing.  
  • Heal - you can also heal injuries + boost morale every Jan 1st + Aug 1st, to represent a mid-season + end-season break.


After the draft, you can only buy / sign players on each year’s August 1st (+/- a few days) - so no mid-season trades. Plus the only players you can buy / sign must be due to one of these reasons:

  • Finish 1st in the League - sign any player for free.
  • Finish 2nd-4th in the League - option to buy any player for their current value.
  • Finish 5th-7th in the League - option to release a current player on a free, and buy a replacement player at the replacement’s current value.
  • Retirements - if a player retires, you have the option to buy a replacement player at the replacement’s current value.

What If?

If your AI manager buys a player - you can choose to keep them, OR edit the player’s club to send them back (your $ balance does not changed either way).

If your AI manager sells one of your players - you can choose to edit the players club to bring them back, OR keep them at their new club (and add the transfer fee into your $ balance, so you can reinvest it).

If your AI manager is fired / leaves the club - you can choose to edit the manager’s club to bring them back, OR keep the new manager who is auto-hired by the game (I.e. you have no choice) OR select your own new manager (I.e. (you choose). If you select your own new manager OR keep the auto-hired new manager, you must remove $10m from your budget / balance at the end of the season.


Normal challenge rules apply - except as you are using the editor, then we’re trust you are honourable + honest:  

Yes you can change player contracts expiries & wages, and pick captains before selecting your manager, BUT ...

  • No save + reloading.
  • No editing players / managers to make them better.
  • <what other rules?>


<to be added later>

Final Words: 

I found this to be a fun challenge - hope you do too.

Let me know (by commenting) if you have suggested changes / rules to this post - though please note I’ve already started my 1st attempt.


<more details to be added / edited in later>

Edited by DanEnglish
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3 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Sounds fun but I sadly can’t play this because I don’t have the editor 😅

Probably true for many people.

Either those people buy the editor (not a great investment with FMM22 out soon-ish) ... OR they live out their hopes, fears and dreams through my (and others) career thread on this challenge.

Luckily for you @broodje kip - you’re living the dream + doing this live on @Titjes’s (multiplayer) Draft League!

For those with the editor, hope this is fun for you too

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Great question - I answered this in the other thread:


If you have the Editor then - (1) go to the manager ‘hall of fame’, (2) select your preferred manager, (3) click ‘edit’ and then (4) you can change that manager’s club. In this save, I edited Conte to manage my team, which meant I became ‘unemployed‘ in the game.


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As a note - I’ve just edited the post above to change the $m you get - now finishing 5-7th in the league (and therefore Europa League / Euro League II qualification) gets $10m. 


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Does anyone know if there is a way to see all available managers? For example, if I was looking for someone not currently managing a team, how would I go about finding any manager not in the top 50 hall of fame?

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