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Tactics Dominance and Control v1 - 4-4-2 Attack (by Cruyff)


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Hello everyone,

with my first ever post I want to share with you my 4-4-2 tactic that won me everything in a very short time span with Werder Bremen. I am a veteran of the pc version playing the game for over an decade. I had countless saves with countless tactics and of course countless hours of joy. So it came naturally to me to do some experimenting on the mobile version and this tactic is the most effective and yet realistic way to play on the mobile engine I so far could come up with.


Let's dive right into it:



Obviously my team wasn't this stacked from the beginning. The first few years I even set myself the challenge to just do "realistic" transfers and only transfers of players who my scouts would find. So the first CL-title I pretty much won with the core Werder Bremen team - which were rather average players. After that I just decided to have some fun and buy overpowered players.

Important Attributes per Role

Role Attributes (From Most to Least Important)
CD Pace, Aerial, Tackling, Strength, Positioning, Decisions, Teamwork, Aggression
WB Crossing, Positioning, Pace, Tackling, Decisions, Passing, Aggression, Teamwork
RP Creativity, Passing, Decisions, Teamwork, Shooting, Movement, Stamina, Strength
W Creativity, Crossing, Dribbling, Technique, Decisions, Movement, Pace, Teamwork, Passing
AF Movement, Aerial, Shooting, Technique, Decisions, Strength, Pace, Teamwork
DLF Movement, Pace, Creativity, Decisions, Shooting, Teamwork, Aerial, Passing, Creativity, Strength

Note: I value Decisions, Creativity and Teamwork a lot. Especially Creativity seems to be very important for middlefielders. Teamwork makes them press more effective and Decisions is just from my experience overall the most important attribute in for FM games, so I just assume it is the same for mobile. 



Note: Creative Freedom needs to be adjusted according to the Creativity of your middfielders.

Average Creativity of Middlefielders Creative Freedom Instruction
<12 Disciplined
<14 Balanced
>=14 Expressive

Either way with Disciplined you will concede fewer goals. So if you are looking to be as solid as possible stick with Disciplined. This is especially valuable if you are coming from an underdog position and want to loose as few games as possible (generally more draws).



Note: If you have slow centre backs put Defensive line on Balanced.




Set Pieces



DLF - Attack Far Post

AF - Attack Near Post



DLF - Attack Far Post

AF - Attack Near Post







Note: Make sure all 4 defenders are staying back when you are having set pieces. Else you will concede a gross amount of counter goals. You can get away with your WB taking the set piece. But you cannot get away with bringing your DCs forward // Make sure that your best aerial striker (which should be your AF) is set to "Attack Near Post" for your corners.



Titles with Werder Bremen

Note that in the first years I was still experimenting with tactics and only did transfers I considered "realistic". After winning CL and League for the first time I just bought the best players for fun.




I will update my accomplishments. Maybe start a save in the premier league with an underdog and see how it goes.

I would be very happy to see your results with the tactic 😊


Thank you for reading and best regards




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I rushed through a season with Burnley to test the tactic with an underdog team. I did not manage the team at all. I did some transfers, put the game at full speed and commentary only and these are the results:












I brought in Cordoba in January as the AF and he scored 14 goals in 19 games. If he had capable teammates he would probably score ~30-40 goals in the premier league.

Tactic seems to be working as an underdog very well but it is nothing ground breaking. Liverpool and such still wiped the floor with Burnley. Nearly finishing top 4 still seems okay and I do think if you do some minimal management like resting players with low condition, talking to them to keep their mood high, changing some instructions when you are ahead or when playing against big teams etc. you would perform even better. I did none of that.





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