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Hello everyone

I started few weeks ago a career without team. Now I'm managing malaga(again) and I'm waiting the coach from Milan get fired so I can take his place😅😂(short story) 

I trained different teams in this save:

1. Malaga

2. Bayern

3. Arsenal 

4. Malaga(again) 

5. I hope Milan(my dream) 

I also trained Italy and won nations league and European cup. 

In this save I used many tactic from internet but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted possession, goals and winning so i had to change almost everything at my tactic because of players. In the last 2 seasons I'm using just one tactic, let me show you my results from my current season.

My current season: Screenshot_20211002_175820_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.d3beeea4ebbda1dba8c4cc34bf18afb3.jpgScreenshot_20211002_175825_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.a71d22c4e20bd6336b0403642b85c3cd.jpg


My players: not the best of the best

I like to work with young players and development them and also I like to change my start team every 2 matches. 


 My trophy Cabinet



Not everytime I was successful with possession, sometimes the opponent team was better then me so after every losing match I changed few things. My current tactic I think is bizzarre but not to bad if u have the right players. 

Formation and shape


Screenshot_20211002_183357_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.330bcdcd2a77e0f8c6110bdfcb4f95f2.jpgSometimes I change to balanced or attacking depend if I won or not also I change Trequartista to DLP




Let me know what you all thing about my sharing. I hope you like it and give and try and share the results. If u have any idea let me know about it, enjoy😊

I hope you understand everything SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH🙏😅

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