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Fun/Games Club Vibe

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So, I was thinking about doing my normal create a career mode, but then it hit me: Why not a club with all of us as a community in it? So, I want YOU guys, yes you, to make your own players for me to create ingame and simulate! 

Only a few rules:

Age must be 15-21 so we don’t retire the first year

Overall must be 0.5* to 3* because we start in league 2

Potential and be anything ABOVE 3*

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  • Dan English
  • GK (natural) and ST (yellow / competent) - just to make it fun 
  • Foot: Both
  • Aged 21
  • Ability 2.5*
  • Potential 5* (because why not?!)

Is there any other info you want? As am not sure if you’re using the editor or not...

Edited by DanEnglish
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Ah go on then, thanks Blue Prince... following in the footsteps of regen'ed Town players Booth and Trevitt is the ginger Zidane himself Thomas Heary!

Age: 18

Nationality: Irish

Position: D/DM R/C

CA: 2*

PA: 3*

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