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2014 Can you place pictures for newly created players?


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Hello all! This is going to be quite the specific question, but I'm hoping someone out there will have some form of answer for me :)

I recently found my old Samsung Galaxy tablet, and I found out I still had FMH14 still downloaded on it! So I'm trying to boot it up so I can play a brand new save.

I'm in the process of putting in new features of mine that I'd like to have in the game for the past two weeks or so (putting in my own players' faces; renaming and recoloring competitions; adding missing club and competition logos; and a bunch of other small things). I'm right now at the last hurdle before I can really start my save, and that is wanting to put pictures on new players that did not start off at the beginning of the game (youth regens, youth newgens, hiring greyed out players, etc). So to test it, I went ahead and hired a greyed out player, got their picture ID from Jay's FMH14 Save Editor, got a player picture I wanted to put on him, rename the picture to "person_XXXXX", and move that picture into the graphics folder.

However, it doesn't seem to show up in game no matter what I do:

  • I tried removing the default player picture, didn't work.
  • I tried creating a config.xml file, didn't work (although I might have done it wrong, maybe there's still something here).
  • I know that it's possible. I was able to put other player pictures in game, and the new player does have a picture ID, so there has to be a way to have a picture for him. Maybe there's some sort of code where he isn't recognized as a "true" player since he wasn't there to begin with, or maybe because he is "new", the code doesn't account for newly hired players so maybe I'd have to add any new players on my own.

So is there a way to put in pictures for players that didn't start in the game originally? There's gotta be a way! Any answers and help are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance! :)

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