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Help Finding regen


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I just found out that in my saves,most big players like van dijk,bruno fernandes and more will retire soon. So basically the situation is I'm gonna have alotta regens. The thing is,i don't know how to find em. Any tips?

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They are much harder to find these days. They will definitely keep the same feet and at least one of their bright green positions will be a bright green positions in the regen. They mostly keep the same nationality, but it can change occasionally. 

Trying to find them if they are the same nation of one that is loaded can be really hard because there are so many youngsters coming through (and they come back as a 16 year old).  Much easier for other nationalities (and they come back anywhere from 15 to 24).

At one point I was over the top about it and would go through every youngster for the top nationalities looking for them. I'd even add everyone under 25 to my shortlist so I could easily see when new players popped up (as they wouldn't be on my shortlist). 

These days I don't bother. The top regens take forever to reach their full ability and ages to recover from injuries that knock down their CA. I'd much rather have a player with PA of 150 to 160 than one with 180 for eg. They will hit their peak much quicker and actually be better than the 180 player for several years until that player makes it all the way to 180. 

But, if you're looking for the top regens, then my top tip for today is to look for youngsters transfer listed by the top clubs. Not all of them get transfer listed, but maybe about 30% or so of them do and you can buy them for a bargain - so if you buy 4or 5 and only a couple of them work out, you're still ahead...

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Their feet will remain the same and they always keep their mentor position. They usually will keep their nationalities but there are exceptions: players from countries will loaded might end up with another country you load, and players from other countries might have their original nationality as a second nationality.

But TBF hidden attributes matter much more than PA if the PA is good enough (160+). I'd definitely pick Quagliarella over Balotelli.

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I usually just trust my youth scouts to find any good youngsters. You can search for same position and same nationality as someone retiring and 9/10 times find the player but where’s the fun knowing you’ve found a world class player just by knowing retirement age. As Scratch says though, luckily it’s much harder to find then now. Makes it more fun and natural. It would be great if it was totally random in terms of where they pop up and what position they play etc but generally the position and feet is the same. 

As a tip though, as you asked before i waffled on, each preseason I send youth scouts to UK, Europe and South America and also look at all youngsters with technique over 15. Aside from that you’ll miss the ones who regen older but they’re too much work to peak anyway. 

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