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Challenges Holland'Or : Preps for FM22


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Over the years, I've been hoping to post/publish my first ever thread/project for the community to enjoy. Procrastination lol. I've been more of a consumer, thread after thread, in the shadows. So here goes.

I bought FMM21, last year, my first FMM since FMH 2014 ( which I played since it's release, until I got 21). The game has evolved, and it took me quite a number of days to get used. So I've managed in at least 6 divisions since then, and I've enjoyed every bit of it. My latest save was/is with PSV, started off at NAC Breda, got them promoted, PSV came knocking, I left Breda, won the eredivise for 6 seasons running, the UCL twice, and a lot more cups, acquiring and discarding wonderkids in the process. 

So I have this other youngster of mine, Antonisse (he's probably 18 at the beginning of the save), he's been banging in the goals, assists, and POTS's. It took him 5 years to break into the top 50 players in-game. 

The Challenge: I want to get an eredivise player to win the Balloon d'Or. 

Rules: Player mustn't be in the top50 players of the world at the beginning of the challenge


Probably not as hard as it sounds, but the league rankings/ratings make it a worthwhile challenge. If anyone's done it before, my bad. If it's the first one, I look forward to your screenshots (if you're successful lol). 

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