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Vibe Vibe Awards 2021 - The Ceremony


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Welcome to the Vibe Awards 2021 live from the Barnsley Metrodome.

Each year we hand out awards to the best content and to the members who have contributed the most over the year. It has been another busy year on Vibe and also a landmark one as we had our first 1 million view post with the Tactics Index passing that milestone. I have my glamorous Mackem assistant @samhardy with me and as you can all see he is looking resplendent in the Hardy Clan Tartan.


Before we start to hand out the awards though let’s get down to the red carpet where Randy Raindrops is there looking to get a word with some of the “celebrities” as they arrive.

Randy Raindrops: Thanks Fuddled, I can see @Rob approaching now so let’s see if we can get a word.

“Rob a word for the fans please.”

He is coming over now, hang on what is that noise!?!

It’s sounds like a load of grumbling, moaning and lots of chatter about “world class signings” but I can’t work out where it’s coming from!



Oh my days!!!

It’s the Vibe Mags and they are coming this way!!!

I can see @Woody and he’s screaming something about “entertainers” and “King Kev”, whilst @Rich is dressed as a Sheik and seems to be riding a pantomime camel which has @geordiekrispy as the front and @Dai_ as the back. Over to one side is a lone voice screaming about Bobby being underrated but he’s being drowned out now but the sheer noise coming from the Vibe Mags.

It’s absolute pandemonium down here now but I will try and still speak with Rob.



Where has be gone?

Well Fuddled Rob seems to have made a quick exit due to the chaos so I will go back to you in the studio.

FuddledFox: It looks like it’s all kicking off outside so we better get on with the awards. We will start with Career of the Year, not to be confused with Rear of the Year which Woody has sewn up every year.


Career of the Year - Sponsored by Dave Grohl’s Toy Octopus



This was a closely contested award but we did have a clear winner by 2 votes. It was Rob’s Pipi that impressed Vibe this year with both its size, length and quality and is this years Career of the Year. Unfortunately it seems Rob has scarpered after the scenes at the entrance to the Metrodome and so I will have to take the trophy home myself as I’m sure it’s what Rob would have wanted.


Career of the Year



Newcomer of the Year - Sponsored by The Laurels

In a dark corner in deepest Gloucestershire you will fine The Laurels who sponsor this award. It is not a place you would want to venture into as a newcomer as the malevolent spirits don’t take well to new people and Big Ad stalks the place with his huge weapon looking for more trophies. Luckily Vibe is more welcoming and we had three newcomers contesting this award with @hhooo, @StuartM and @DanEnglish fighting for the prize. All three had plenty of votes but it was Hhooo who took the title this year.


Newcomer of the Year - @hhooo


Best Article - Sponsored by Wi-Fi

Articles are an integral part of Vibe as people impart there knowledge on the community or start a discussion point about the game. We had a clear winner this year as Broodje Kip created a guide to a new feature in the game in man marking.


Best Article - @broodje kip Guide to Man Marking



Best Community Event - Sponsored by Dave Chisnall’s Vest

Before I hand out the award let’s just “drink in” the magnificence of our sponsor in this award..



You will find a box of Kleenex under your seat should you need them and now if you’ve all managed to compose yourself after that we can hand out the award.

We had a bumper year of community events this year on Vibe with 7 events making the shortlist including the superbly named Tits Bingo which unfortunately didn’t win. It was a close contest with strong showings from Draft League and the VPL but the winner took the award by 2 clear votes.


Community Event of the year - Ultimate Team by @Kun Aguero and @Titjes 



As has become tradition we have some live music for you now as Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq will perform his new song which is inspired by samhardy’s thoughts on FMM22.


I will now pass over to the former Chesterfield, Liverpool, Villa, Nottingham Forest and England goalkeeper Sam Hardy to present the final awards.


samhardy: Thanks Foxy and also what a wonderful live performance that was from absolute top bloke Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. Even more amazing considering he was our second choice for this evening. The first choice was some German “metalcore” outfit performing a cover of Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit “Beat It” but unfortunately I was informed by their manager @Ashez that due to travel restrictions it was unable to happen.

Let’s hand out some more awards now, starting with the only award we already know the winner of Challenge of the Year, won by @Rob for his fantastic badges of honour. Unfortunately Rob is not here to collect his award this evening. Do you have any idea why Foxy?

He is probably off playing with his Pipi.

Not to worry though as thankfully we have his good friend @Rich here to collect it on his behalf.

*Puts hand to earpiece*


It appears Rich is refusing to collect the award as well! Does that mean I can give the award to myself for Augusta which was one of the few other nominated challenges? No? Oh.

Well done to Rob, and the whole community of course for winning Challenge of the Year for the badges.

But seriously, going back to Augusta, @Rich @broodje kip @George Traistă I’m sure I speak for at least 0.5% of the community when I demand to know when the playoff for Augusta is happening. If it doesn’t take place then there is only one way to decide who will win the green jacket and that is a fight to the death. It would be officiated by former Masters champion Sergio Garcia. Talking of Sergio, here he is proudly displaying his cock:



Challenge of the Year - Badges of Honour by Rob


Biggest Fail Award - (not) sponsored by San Miguel

Time for the coveted biggest fail award now and Broodje has already knocked out one award so far tonight and with a double nomination here is looking good for a potentially unwanted double.

But of course, Broodje being Broodje, he has failed to win the biggest fail award despite having more nominations than anyone else. Instead we have our only tied category of the evening. So congratulations (if that is indeed the correct word to use) go to @Victor77 for his highly amusing moment of submitting his VWC results on a pirated version of the game, earning him a disqualification. And also to @Scratch for his multiple failed or unfinished careers throughout the year. Well done mate. Although I think it does mask the bigger fail here, and really the combination of Australia and Newcastle United Football Club could be considered a fail in itself. Some would say they are simply just larger yet sub-par versions of New Zealand and Sunderland respectively.

Biggest Fail - Pirate Victor in the Vibe World Cup and Scratch for his unfinished careers


Best Member Award - Sponsored by IKEA Meatballs

It’s all gone a bit serious now as the main award of the evening is about to be handed out. This was a tight vote which saw all nominations pick up at least 2 votes. But one member got an early lead, and although he was pulled back mid-way through last week a late surge of votes gave him the win by 3 votes:

Could we not have kept him up on the stage for a few minutes longer after the last award instead of allowing him to return to his seat? Highly inconvenient for everyone.

Congratulations to @Scratch on being voted Vibe’s best member of FMM21 by the community. Please ensure your speech goes on for no less than 20 seconds, and no longer than 30.


Best Member - @Scratch 

Special Award - Sponsored by Amanda Stavely’s Plastic Surgeon

Now it’s almost time to wrap up this ceremony but before we go there is one final special award to be given out. Over the last few years this award has been given out to @Ashez for his love of the rhetorical question, and to myself for making a 2 season career last 9 months worth of updates. Last year @SSolas won the award for his dedication to his philosophy through thick and thin. I’m sure you can see what kind of stuff it takes to win this award.

I’m just reading who has won this now and I’m not happy. In fact I don’t know why I’m presenting this award to be honest.

The special award goes to @Rich, @Dai_, @Woody, @Scratch, @geordiekrispy, @AdamNufc and probably more. In a year dominated by takeovers in football these guys have managed to perform their own takeover and taken over the entirety of the English Football thread themselves creating page after page of Newcastle related content. In a country with 92 professional football clubs, and thousands more in non-league, Vibe’s sole thread relating to simply English Football discussion has been subjected to constant content about the worst one of the lot.

As you can tell I am absolutely fuming about this and as such am refusing to present this award. Foxy will have to do it. Although I’m sure he agrees with me that we need more Sunderland fans on this site, or maybe slightly more content about any other club in English Football. I mean I’d even take some Middlesbrough content at this point just to dilute the constant horror show in there at the moment.

Fuddledfox: Whilst @samhardy goes off and drowns his sorry in a vat of top quality Irn Bru, and when I say top quality I mean the good stuff that is pumped directly into Big John’s house, I will just thank everyone for there contributions to Vibe this year and thank you all for reading.

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Haha! Brilliant! Not sure why I'm the rear end of the camel....

For the record, we can't help that there are so many Toon fans active on here.

Well done to all the winners. Fully deserved.

Personally, I would play FMM anyway as I just love manager games but the challenges on Vibe and the interaction with you lot makes it that much more enjoyable.

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4 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

But of course, Broodje being Broodje, he has failed to win the biggest fail award

Seriously got me on this part. The best ceremony I’ve had since joined Vibe 😂

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Oh, wow! 

I was going to say that I worked hard and really deserved the Biggest Fail award, but I think I'm going to have take that back and say that Vibe Voters deserve the Biggest Fail award for not giving the Best Member award to @FuddledFox or @samhardy, who keep the site running! 

Though of course, I am honoured to be recognised for having the Best Member, so I do thank all of you who voted for me. 

I'd also like to thank my parents, my third grade teacher Miss ... What? Oh, I'm getting the wrap it up signal from Sam, as apparently I've gone over the allotted 30 seconds. 

In parting I'd just like to say thanks to everyone on Vibe for making this a great place, and Sam, I do hope you find some friends!  

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Great write up @FuddledFox, as always, and thank you for the two awards. They are carefully perched upon my mantelpiece between an Elf on the Shelf and my lava lamp. I have neither.

I am still playing with my Pipi though.

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