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FMM22 Challenge Index

 Welcome to the FMM22 challenge index.

Here at Vibe we have a wide range of challenges created by all you talented guys in the community. To make it easier to find a challenge that interests you I have made this index with a wide range of challenges that range from one season to challenges that will take over 20 seasons to complete.

I have posted many of the challenges from previous years but not all of them so you can find the FMM21 index here.

I will then add the challenges that are created this year.

Just click the challenge title to be taken to the relevant thread.

Player Challenges

Hall of Fame

The Vibe Triple Crown - Complete the 1000 Goal Challenge, the Double Trouble and Triple Threat to get immortalised in the Hall of Fame. 

One Season Challenges

Gundogan’s Victory Challenge - Match the incredible record set by German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

Two - Five Season Challenges

Striker Peak Years - Take a striker or four at the peak of there powers and get as many goals and assists as you can.

The Last Hurrah - Take a player 35+ and give him one more chance in the limelight.

Late Bloomer - Make a player 30+ more successful than he was in his younger days

The Atletico Madrid Challenge - 30 goals with your chosen striker, rinse and repeat. Good challenge for beginners to goalscoring challenges.

Bad Boys From Brazil - Sign up your troublesome Brazilian duo and cause carnage for 2 seasons in this fun challenge.

The Race To 100 - Pick a youngster with no goals or assists and get them to 100 goals or assists in as few amount of games as possible.

Six - Ten Season Challenges

The Quickest 1000 Goal Challenge - How quickly can you get a player to score 1000 career goals.

The Frank Lampard Challenge - Emulate the career of the Chelsea legend.

Ten Season+ Challenges

The 1000 Goal Challenges - One player, 1000 goals, easy right!?!

The Double Trouble Challenge - Two up top and 1200 goals the target.

The Triple Threat Challenge - Three up front and the target is 1500 goals

The Assists Challenge - How many assists can you get from one player over his career

Team Challenges

One Season Challenges

‘Being FMMed Challenge’ - Lose a game without scoring that you’ve dominated 

Two - Five Season Challenges


Six - Ten Season Challenges

It’s a Long Way to the Top (Superstar Manager) - Start as a nobody and end as a legend

The Manager 1000 Goal Challenge - Be the quickest to get to 1000 goals as a manager and with the best goal difference.

The UK Goal Challenge - Beat the season record for most goals in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Ten Season+ Challenges

How Far Can You Take Them? - How long will it be before loyalty starts to come at a cost.

Premier League? What Premier League? - Attempt to remove all 20 teams that start in the Premier League by the end of the 30 seasons. One of the toughest challenges on vibe.

The Impossible Youth Academy Challenge - Can you win everything with just homegrown talents?

The Impossible Challenge - Can you win every trophy in 4 different countries?

Augusta National Golf Club Challenge - Try and master the world’s most famous golf course in this 22 season master-blaster.

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