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Chat Annoying Wing Back Trait


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So I've been trying to make an immigration of Pep's 433 but I just kept running into this same annoying problem. 


The wingbacks or in my case inverted wingbacks almost always cross from deep/sends early crosses in. Every. Time. This is problematic because 1) I don't use a tall no9 as a TM, and even if I do it clash with the play pattern I intend to work with, 2) this is with work into box on. And there's wide APs with which the IWBs and midfielders can interchange near the final third, 3) the position with which they typically send these crosses in is boggling my mind. near the or around the box fine I get that, even Pep does that nowadays. But not even near the final third? What is this.


This I feel like, is why SI really should look into furthering the depth of the tactical instructions and creation in later versions. And also why Player Instructions would really be a game changer. 

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Have you tried selecting 'look for overlap'? Or playing a slower tempo? Hard to say though seeing your tactic but they might give the team more time to present better passing options to your wingback than a deep cross.

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@d e m a r a i Hello friend,

Can you share your tactic, plus maybe some screenshots of the extended highlights? I’ll happily take a look and see if there’s any tweaks that may help.

As a thought - Ive also noticed that IWBs still do a surprising amount of wide play / crosses, but mainly when I play IWBs with an Anchor / DMC + play wider. The IWBs play more centrally (less wide) when I don’t have an Anchor / DMC + play narrower.

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As requested 



Perhaps it's something to do with mentality. Problem I have with Attacking/Overload is that they'll overlap like crazy and the there's virtually zero difference between an IWB and a WB.


Also it's 4 Playmakers (don't judge lol) but the idea behind the double wide APs is that they'll stay wider during build up before carrying the ball in field for a pass or driving towards goal for a shooting chance. In practice they tend to be really flexible in terms of their play pattern since unlike an IW for example they're not affixed to just running inside with the ball, they can also run into space near the box either inside or outside the fullback before letting a shot in, moreso if they're positioned the same way you would use IFs in a tactical system.

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Use run at defense if you want to stop crosses from deep in my experience. Look for overlap will also help, but that may pull them into positions you don't want them in. 


The best way though would be to make sure their footedness is also inverted. 

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