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Challenges Striker Peak Years Challenge


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The Striker Peak Years Challenge 


It is widely regarded that attacking players are at there peak during there mid 20’s and into there early 30’s. There are of course exceptions with players having there best years younger or late bloomers as well but this challenge is all about getting the best out of your players when they are (hopefully) at there physical peak.

I was taking a look at the Challenge Indexes from the last 3 years and noticed a lack of challenges that you can use strikers in there mid 20s for. There are a few especially those that are based around the careers of past legends but they tend to be restricted by nationality so I thought I would create a challenge specifically for players during there 20s and early 30s that enables you to play as any club and use any players.

The Challenge 


  • This challenge lasts 5 season, no more, no less. It must be the first 5 seasons in the game as well so you can’t play a few seasons and then start.
  • Your chosen player or players must be between the ages of 24 and 29 when you play your first competitive match.
  • Your chosen player can play any position you want and be natural in any positions you want.
  • You can manage any playable team in the game you wish so long as you use an unedited DB.
  • Only goals under your management count and ITN goals aren’t counted for this challenge.
  • You can also combine players for the multi players leaderboards up to a team of 4 players but they must all meet the age requirements.
  • No edited DB’s, IGE, reloading or cheating in any way.
  • No unlockables except you may have any coaching badge and reputation you wish.
  • Proof is required in the shape of screenshots, including his age at the beginning of the save and history to prove goals scored before you start. The best thing is to start a career thread so we can follow your progress.


Your player will be judged on all his goal contributions during the 5 years in all competitions for your club.

Goals + assists = your score

For the multi player leaderboards it is goals + assists from all your chosen players combined.



There are lots of obvious player choices for this challenge and as the rules state you are welcome to use whoever you wish but I also want to encourage some more original choices as well which is why there is 3 leaderboards for this challenge. All players used will be eligible for the overall leaderboard and then they could also qualify for the Uncapped Player and Non Striker leaderboards as well if they meet the criteria.

I have also added leaderboards for those of us that want to use a number of players in the attempt. Each individual player will be eligible for the overall leaderboard and the other two individual ones if they meet the criteria but you can also combine there scores for multiple player leaderboards as well.

* = OME used.

Overall - Everyone who does this Challenge will appear on this Leaderboard


Uncapped Player - If you start with a player that has never been capped at full international level at the start of the save you are eligible for this leaderboard. He is still eligible if he wins a cap at any point.


Non Striker - If you use a player that has no green as a striker for your whole attempt he is eligible for this leaderboard. You cannot train him as a striker at any point in the save for him to remain eligible.


Multi Player Leaderboards


You can play this challenge just focusing on one single player or if you wish you can team up multiple players and look to top these leaderboards.
Remember that all the players must meet the age rules and you can only be eligible for one of these leaderboards in a single career.

2 Players Combined 


3 Players Combined


4 Players Combined 


Thanks for reading

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I have completed this with a few obvious choices. I can't be bothered writing up a career so I'll just post it.

Players: Goretzka, Milinkovic-Savic & Sane.

Players profiles & history at start:






Player Profile & history upon completion:





Goals: 327     Assists: 104      Total: 431







Goals: 204      Assists: 111      Total: 315







Goals: 162      Assists: 243      Total: 405



Milinkovic-Savic & Sane were retrained as strikers so their combined score would be: 366 (goals) + 354 (assists) = 720


Grand total: 1151


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