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Challenges The Manager 1000 Goals Challenge


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The Managers 1000 Goal Challenge

There have been loads of FMM challenges created over the years on Vibe but probably the most popular certainly recently is The 1000 Goal Challenge. This isn’t a huge surprise as we all love scoring goals, it’s what football is about after all, and it really is a challenge where we can really create our own goal scoring legend.

It is a restrictive challenge though as you are stuck with the same striker for the duration of the save and usually the same club and tactics as well. Thats why I am posting this challenge as it could be done alongside a 1kc, Double Trouble or Triple Threat but equally you could just do the challenge on its own. 


The Challenge


There are no complicated rules or club restrictions with this one.

Just one simple target and that is to have your teams score exactly 1000 goals in as few amount of games as possible. You can stay at one club or you can move around as much as you want it is entirely up to you.

There will also be a secondary leaderboard for best goal difference as well. So once you have scored the 1000 goals I will take off your goals conceded and that gives you your score.
For clarification if you post a screenshot with a few more than 1000 goals scored I will round down goals scored to 1000 but your conceded total will stay the same.


You will need to post a screenshot of your manager history as soon as you have finished the match that your 1000th goal in management is scored that shows the number of games it has taken you to score 1000 goals. You will also need to post a screenshot to prove that you haven’t used the IGE so a player or squad screenshot is best.





Your points total for this challenge is simply your goals per game (GpG) total so the quicker you score goals the better your GpG total will be.


  • No Myclub saves. 
  • No editing or cheating in anyway.
  • Proof is required in the form of screenshots. Why not start a career thread on the forum so we can all follow your journey to 1000 goals.
  • No unlockables unless gained in the save.
  • You may start with a Gold coaching badge and any reputation you wish though.
  • Have fun. 

GpG Leaderboard 

  • @Titjes - Liverpool - Gpg 4.07


Goal Difference Leaderboard 

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