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Challenges The Last Hurrah


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The Last Hurrah 



This challenge is designed to compliment the other challenges I created which were designed to be goal scoring challenges using players that aren’t as young as the 1kc, DT and TT encourage people to use. Those other challenges are.

The Peak Striker Challenge - For players aged 24 to 30.

The Late Bloomer - For players over 30.

I still felt there was a gap though as The Late Bloomer challenge encourages the use of players nearer to 30 years old and I wanted to create a challenge that uses the real golden oldies. That’s where the Last Hurrah steps in.

The Challenge 


You must use a player who is 35 or older at the start of the first season.

This challenge can be done in two ways. You can either score points by getting goals or by getting assists but you can’t go for both with the same player in the same save. You could have one player after goals and another after assists in the same save though.

This challenge lasts for two seasons.

You can use any club in the game.

Any transfers you wish in or out are allowed.

No unlockables except for reputation and coaching badge.

No editing or edited databases.

No reloading or cheating in any way.

Proof in the form of screenshots will be required to go onto the leaderboard and the best way to do that is with a career post we can all follow.

Have fun.




Once you have picked your players and decided if they are going for the goals leaderboard or the assists leaderboard you will score points in the following way.

Each goal or assist your player gets in all competitions is worth 2pts.

In season two your player must match or better his season 1 total of goals or assists other wise you lose 1pt for every goal or assist he gets less in season 2 compared to season 1.

For example.

Scoring less in Season 2 Example

Season 1 he scores 20 goals and that gives him 40pts.

Season 2 he scores 10 goals to score another 20pts and give a total of 60pts.

He scored 10 goals less in season 2 so 10pts are taken from the total giving a final score for the leaderboard of 50pts.


Scoring equal or better in Season 2 Example

Season 1 he scores 20 goals and that gives him 40pts.

Season 2 he scores 21 goals to score another 42pts and give a total of 82pts

He scored more goals in season 2 so no points are taken from the total.


Goals Leaderboard

Assists Leaderboard

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Hello, here is my result with Cristiano :

48 goals il the first season and just 31 on the second season (lot of injury...) 

Si I think my score is 141 😊

I also won the word cup with the Portugal on my second season! 

To finish in style, I win the UCL witch 2 goal of Cristiano! 


Many pictures of my career! 







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