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Challenges Gundogan’s Victory Challenge


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This can be played as a lone challenge, or as a side challenge to a save you are currently playing.

Many challenges here are long and complicated but it doesn't get much simpler than this one.

Aim - Sign or use a German midfielder for any club in any league and try to match Gundogan's feats, by having the player play in 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, 8-0 and 9-0 wins in one season.

You can take charge of a nation as well if you wish as Gundogan achieved this playing for both Manchester City and Germany. A bonus achievement would be for your player to score in each of the victories as well.

This challenge has only ever been completed by @BatiGoal and @Ian, both using Kai Havertz.


  • Take over at any club you want and sign a German midfielder. You can use one already at the club if you wish.
  • You may manage a nation as well.
  • You must complete all 9 games in one season to complete the challenge. It's a simple pass or fail one, no points system.
  • Either database.
  • No cheating, reloading, editing etc.
  • Own tactics only.
  • Evidence will be required.

Leaderboard (Completed Challenges):

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