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Challenges How Far Can You Take Them?


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How Far Can You Take Them?

This is a very basic concept but the simple ones are often the best! It’s often the case in football where after gaining promotion managers stay too loyal to the group of players that got them up the previous season and struggle in the higher league instead of trying to fully push on.


Torquay United celebrate winning the Conference South in 2019

The challenge essentially is to see how far up the English football ladder you can get with the starting squad. Absolutely no transfers in at any point during the challenge, that’s the only rule, and frees/loans/greys/academy players are barred too. The squad you start with will be staying with you all the way and that’s the squad you’ll finish with.

The Challenge will last 10 seasons. Your score will be the league and position you end the 10th season in, so if you finish the 28/29 season 18th in the Championship that will be your score.

Last year @geordiekrispy achieved the incredible feat of leading York City to 2nd in the Premier League. Can you beat that?

Other Things To Clear Up

  • You must start with a team in either the National League North or South.
  • You can sell players but it’s not advised considering they can’t be replaced :P
  • You can use loan players for the first season that are already at the club, but can’t sign them after the season finishes.
  • No cheating or reloading etc


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