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Challenges The Race To 100


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The Race to 100

Credit goes to @BatiGoal for creating this challenge.

With his goal against Andorra back in June 2019, Kylian Mbappé reached 100 career goals in record time at the tender age of 20yo. There are very few players in football history who reached this number of goals before they even turned 21 years old. In comparison, not even Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo had these stats at the same age, they both needed an extra year to reach the same milestone. Neymar's feat is perhaps even more incredible however, as he was 4 months younger when he slotted in his 100th before later showing off his goal-scoring skills in Europe. 

When talking about such impressive numbers, we have to go deep into professional football history to find only a handful of legends who reached this magical number before today's Football Gods. Jimmy Greaves scored his 100th career goal for Chelsea before his 21st birthday and Ronaldo scored his 100th professional goal in Holland during his first year at PSV. Pele went even a step further as he was already near the 200-goal! mark before turning 21 years old. 

 Source: Ronaldo.com


Can you "out-age" (not quite the ring I was looking for but I know you're still with me) the Messi's, Ronaldo's, Mbappé's and Neymar's of today and reach 100 goals at 19, 18 or even 17 years of age? Give it your best go and I'll add your boy's name to the growing list of legends of the sport. Objective is simple. It's a race from 0 to 100. Score a lot and score QUICK!


I'm aware that Vibe peoples love twists so here goes; we're looking for players who have no, nada - as in 0 - gls behind their names in the original database to make the Race to 100 Goals leaderboard. Reason: it would make very little sense to this challenge to score whatever gls he starts with + 100 and end up with anything but his actual 100th career goal, so 0-100 will ALL be scored under your management. This makes certain individuals like Kean, Pellegri or Håland uneligible for this challenge as there's already a handful recorded gls on their history page. But cry not, the well of talent is bottomless, there's still bucket loads of youngsters left to pick from. And for the real hardcore heroes of this community I'm also adding a Race to 100 Assists leaderboard where the exact same rules apply but for goalsassists. Any player with 0 assists on their history page at the start of the game is an eligible go, pretty much every player in the DB in that case.

Remember, he needs to hit the 100-mark before his 20th birthday! 


  • Unlockables: Yes, Badges: Yes, but NO cheats of any kind
  • Use REAL players with 0 goals in DB for Goals Leaderboard
  • Use REAL players with 0 assists in DB for Assists Leaderboard
  • Goals and/or Assists in ALL competitions count
  • Must be under 20yo to make either leaderboard 

Post your results in a career thread with the relevant screenshots, such as manager's profile page and player's history page (before + after) and exact calculated age (years + days), and I'll add your accomplishment below.

Questions? Feel free to ask. Goodluck!

100 Career Goals Leaderboard:

@Gazzaeverton - Tomasz WALCZAK (17yrs, 6 months)

@Superking - Evan FERGUSON (17yrs, 11 months)

@Ariza8 - Aimar VICANTI (17yrs, 11 months)

@Growcanine - Dane SCARLETT (18yrs, 9 months)

100 Career Assists Leaderboard:

@Ariza8 - David MELLA (18yrs, 8 months)

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Completed this challenge too, a bit worse than @Superking.

With this guy 


Too bad I'm a bit late to realize I had complete the goal challenge here, as this guy already got 119 goals. But deducted 19 goals from his form and we got the 100th goals at match against Aberdeen at 4/1/23.


100 goals in 88 matches. Please add me to leader board :) @samhardy


Now wait until his partner in crime to reach 100 assists... Still a bit later for that I guess. 

Edited by Ariza8
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@samhardyHere's my 'promised' partner in crime of Vicandi - my entry for 100 assist! 


A bit too excited this season and completely missing his timing of 100 assist... But if we deduct 25 assist from his tally then we got it right? Screenshot_2022-09-04-02-12-31-054_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.461ab69df891a1a1e33a4586540647ec.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-04-02-12-37-522_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.64a173d5496717c207c89f907df9fc2d.jpg

So from last 20 matches he got 21 assists... Here's my fixtures :



28 Feb, 1 assist here... Total deduction : 22


24 Feb, 1 assist... Total deduction 23


17 Feb, 0 assist. Still 23.


11 Feb, 0 assist. 


7 Feb, 0 assist. 


3 Feb, 1 assist. Total deduction 24.


28 January 2024, 2 assists. So this is his 100th and 101st assists.

He was born at 23/5/2005 So I think it's 18 y, 8 months? Please add this record, first entry in the assist section! 😁


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Managed to set a new record for this challenge.....17 years, 6 months.....was tough, had to sacrifice development in favour of game time, so he was wildly over played and always in need of a rest....


tomasz-walczak-wisla-plock (1).jpeg

Screenshot_20220907-143918_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220907-131750_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220907-151534_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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