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Challenges The Impossible Youth Academy Challenge


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Credit to @samhardy, @Cockers2505 and Patrick for the original idea:




Also Credit for darren 1983 (a sigames community member) for the inspiration 

The idea is simple. Everybody knows the free transfers and loanees are pretty much overpowered so here’s something close to absolute impossible.

Load 4 nation of your choice. The nation must have relegation which means Canada, USA and Australia are prohibited. Load every league from the nation you have chosen.

Your manager must start unemployed, no reputation and no coaching badge.

Apply for any job offer you would like to.

Once you have got a job, you must sell everyone that does not come from your club’s academy. If you don’t have enough players, used greyed out players.

You may not make any transfers in throughout your career except annual youth intake and greyed out players.

Win every possible trophy from all loaded leagues.

Leaderboard will be sorted from how many seasons took to complete the challenge.

3 leaderboard will be there according to difficulty.


  • No Cheating, e.g., In game Editor, Hex Editor, changes.txt, etc.
  • No Reloading
  • Own Tactics Only
  • Photo evidence will be required, a career thread will be recommended.


Easy Leaderboard (8-10 Leagues Loaded)



Medium Leaderboard (11-13 Leagues Loaded)



Hard Leaderboard (14+ Leagues Loaded)



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