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Challenges The Frank Lampard Challenge


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Frank James Lampard one of the greatest midfielder of his generation are famous for his goalscoring record and impressive screamers. So can you replicate this legendary English midfielder career?

Lampard had his prime at Chelsea with a mind blowing 147 Premier League goals and 211 in all competition. 60 more from West Ham, Swansea, Man City and NYFC

He also had 3 Premier League, 4 FA Cup, 2 League Cup (Carabao Cup), 2 Community Shield, 1 Champions League and 1 Europa League

He didn't stop there.... He is the fourth on top assister with 102 assist in the Premier League

The Objective

Choose any English club (Chelsea to be more nostalgic)

Pick an English midfielder to be your new Lampard. Must not have any shades of Striker

Score goals with your Lampard total of 147 Premier League goals and 271 in all Competition and chip assist with a total of 102 in either Premier League or all competition

Win at least 3 Premier League, 4 FA Cup, 2 Carabao Cup, 2 Community Shields, 1 Champions League and 1 EuropaLeague

Lampard Didn't win any Balon d'Or and FIFA player of the year. So win your Lampard a World Player of the Year and European Player of the Year

Leaderboard will be sorted by the least time taken to complete this which I believe could be completed by 5 season






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