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Challenges The History Lane Challenge 2022

Kun Aguero

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History Lane Challenge 2022

Be prepared for one of the longest challenge here, as we have a walk down the history lane, emulating historical events on the pitch.

This is an updated version of the challenge from FMM 2018 and 2021with a few new challenges.

Challenge 1 (1st Century): Roman's Four Emperors



Between AD1 to AD100, Europe, North Africa and the Near East fell under increasing domination by the Roman Empire, lead by Augustus and later the Four Emperors, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian.
Challenge : Join any team and name 4 Italians as your version of the Four Emperors. Get as many goals as possible from the Four Emperors in one season. 
Points :
0-25 goals / 2 points
26-50 goals / 4 points
51-75 goals / 6 points
76-100 goals / 8 points
>101 goals / 10 points

Challenge 2 (2nd Century): Five Good Emperors



In this period, history witness the end of the glorious Pax Romana, as well as the downfall of Roman Empire, after  death of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, last of the Five Good Emperors, which include Nerva, Trajan, Hadriab, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aulerius.
Challenge : Sell or demote the Four Emperors from the previous challenge. Name five Italian defensive players ( goalkeeper, defenders, defensive midfielders ). Try your best in defending your Empire by conceding as few league goals as possible in one season.
Points : 
>41 goals conceded / 2 points
31-40 goals conceded / 4 points
21-30 goals conceded / 6 points
11-20 goals conceded / 8 points
0-10 goals conceded / 10 points

Challenge 3 (3rd Century): Three Kingdoms



In the 3rd challenge, we will have our eyes set on China. The Three Kingdoms was the tripartite division of China among the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu, and is among the bloodiest period in China's history.
Challenge : Name 3 Chinese attackers. Each of the 3 players must score specific number of goals in one season.
Points :
1 of the 3 players scoring 20 goals each/ 3 points
2 of the 3 players scoring 20 goals each/ 6 points
All 3 players scoring 20 goals each / 10 points

Challenge 4 (4th Century): Constantine The Great



We will be heading back to the Roman Empire for the 4th challenge. Constantine The Great from Illyian-Greek origin was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. The age of Constantine also marked a distinct epoch in the history of the Roman Empire.
Challenge : Name a Greek attacking midfielder and an Italian striker. The Italian striker must score less than 5 goals last season and must not already be in your team. Have the Greek attacking midfielder converting the poor striker to a scoring machine in one season. 
Points : 
0-10 goals scored by the striker / 2 points
11-20 goals scored by the striker / 4 points
21-30 goals scored by the striker / 6 points
0-10 assists by the Greek / 2 points
11-20 assists by the Greek / 4 points

Challenge 5 (5th Century): King Arthur



The famous British leader King Arthur who led the British defence against Saxon was borned in the late 5th Century.
Challenge : Name a British (England, Welsh, Scotland, Ireland, North Ireland) player as your King Arthur. Have him scoring goals and assisting as well in one season.
Points :
0-20 combined goals and assists / 2 points
21-40 combined goals and assists / 4 points
41-60 combined goals and assists / 6 points
61-80 combined goals and assists / 8 points
>81 combined goals and assists / 10 points 

Challenge 6 (6th Century): The Maya Civilization



For the 6th challenge, we will be heading Central America. In Central America, the Maya are peaking in economic prosperity. The civilization at Teotihuacán (in what is today Mexico) begins to decline and its people are migrating to the greatest Mayan city, Tikal, bringing with them ideas about weaponry and new ritual practices. Maya population is rising.
Challenge : Name a player from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador or Honduras. Get as many assists as possible from the player in one season.
Points :
0-20 assists / 3 points
21-40 assists / 6 points
>41 assists / 10 points

Challenge 7 (7th Century): The Muslim Empire



The spread of Islam and the Muslim conquests began with the unification of Arabia by Prophet Muhammad starting in 622.
Challenge : Name a player from an Arab country. Have him scoring as many hat tricks as possible in one season.
Points :
0-2 hat tricks / 2 points
3-5 hat tricks / 4 points
6-8 hat tricks / 6 points
9-11 hat tricks / 8 points
>12 hat tricks / 10 points

Challenge 8 (8th Century): The Vikings



Vikings were Norse seafarers, who raided and traded from their Northern European homelands across wide areas of northern, central, eastern and western Europe.
Challenge : Sell or demote all your players not from the Vikings country (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Your squad must only have Vikings players.
Play your best in the league.
Points : 
<5th / 2 points
4th / 4 points
3rd / 6 points 
2nd / 8 points 
1st / 10 points

Challenge 9 (9th Century): Charles The Great



Charles The Great or Charlemagne was the first recognized emperor to rule from western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire around three centuries earlier. He was known as "Father of Europe" as he united most of Western Europe for the first time since the classical era of the Roman Empire and united parts of Europe that had never been under Frankish or Roman rule.
Challenge : After your complete overhaul of your squad last season, it's finally time for you to leave your current team. Resign and join any other team in Europe which is not playing in EL or UCL (must not be in the same nation as your original team). You may wait or search for your next job as long as you desire. In your first COMPLETE season in your new club, what you need to do is building up your new squad with ONLY Europeans and bring them into Europe competition.
Points : 
0 points for failure to enter EL
3 points for entering EL2
5 points for entering EL
10 points for entering UCL

Challenge 10 (10th Century): Simeon The Great



Emperor Simeon the Great or Simeon I of Bulgaria solidifies the First Bulgarian Empire as one of the most powerful states in Europe. His reign was also a period of unmatched cultural prosperity and enlightenment later deemed the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture.
Challenge : Name a Bulgarian player as your Simeon the Great. Get as many goals as possible from him in one season, while winning the European competition you qualified for last season.
Points :
0-25 goals / 3 points
26-50 goals / 6 points
Winners of EL2 / 1 point
Winners of EL / 2 point
Winners of UCL / 4 points 

Challenge 11( (11th Century): Crusades



The Crusades were a series of religious wars initiated, supported, and sometimes directed by the Latin Church in the medieval period.
Challenge : Name your members of Crusades consisting of 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 attacker. Achieve different targets with each of the 3 players, while trying to win the league.
Points :
Conceding >40 league goals / 1 point
Conceding 21-39 league goals / 2 points
Conceding 0-20 league goals / 3 points
0-10 assists from the midfielder / 1 point
11-20 assists from the midfielder / 2 points
>21 assists from the midfielder / 3 points
0-10 goals from the attacker / 1 point
11-30 goals from the attacker / 2 points
>31 goals from the attacker / 3 points
Winning the league / 1 point

Challenge 12 (12th Century): Renaissance



The Renaissance of the 12th century was a period of many changes at the outset of the High Middle Ages. It included social, political and economic transformations, and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. 
Challenge : Start your own "Renaissance" or "rebirth". Sign one of the Four Emperors players used in Challenge 1 or one of the Chinese players used in Challenge 3 or the Italian striker used in Challenge 4 or the British player used in Challenge 5. They should be past their prime now, and you need to get as many goals as possible from them in one season.
Points :
0-10 goals / 3 points
11-20 goals / 6 points
21-30 goals / 8 points
>31 goals / 10 points

Challenge 13 (13th Century): Ottoman Empire



The Ottoman Empire was founded at the end of 13th century in northwestern Anatolia in the town of Sogut by the Turkoman leader Osman I. It was one of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in world history. This Islamic-run superpower ruled large areas of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa for more than 600 years.

Challenge: Name a Turkish midfielder and a Turkish striker and get as many combined goals and assists as possible from them in one season.


0-20 G&A / 2 pts
21-40 G&A / 4 pts
41-60 G&A / 6 pts
61-80 G&A / 8 pts
>81 goals / 10 pts

Challenge 14 (14th Century): Hundred's Years War



The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 by the rulers of the Kingdom of England, against the rulers of the Kingdom of France, over the succession to the French throne.
Challenge : Name an England and a French striker. Get as many goals as possible from the duo in one season.
Points :
0-20 goals / 2 pts
21-40 goals / 4 pts
41-60 goals / 6 pts
61-80 goals / 8 pts
>81 goals / 10 pts

Challenge 15 (15th Century): Discovering America



Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer had competed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Those voyages and his efforts to establish settlements on the island of Hispaniola, initiated the permanent European Conolization of the New World, America.
Challenge : Sell and demote all your non-American players. Your team can only consist of American players (South and North America). Win as many trophy as possible in one season.
Points :
1 trophy / 2 pts
2 trophies / 5 pts
3 trophies / 8 pts
4 or more trophies / 10 pts

Challenge 16 (16th Century): The Scientific Revolution Part I



The 16th Century had seen the rapid development in science, with Galileo Galilei among the most significant person of the century.
Challenge : Discover your own Football Law. Play with defenders and goalkeepers upfront and get as many league goals as possible from your abnormal "Strikers" in one season.
Points :
<50 Total League Goals by whole team / 2 pts
51-70 / 4 pts
71-80 / 6 pts
81 - 100 / 8 pts
>100 / 10 pts

Challenge 17 (17th Century): The Scientific Revolution Part II



The Scientific Revolution continued in the 17th Century with the most significant event being the discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton.
Challenge : Discover your 2nd Football Law. Play with no defenders this season, and concede as few league goals as possible in one season.
Points :
>71 League Goals conceded / 2 pts
51-70 / 4 pts
41-50 / 6 pts
21-40 / 8 pts
0-20 / 10 pts

Challenge 18 (18th Century): The Revolution Era



Various Revolution happened across the world in the 18th Century, among them are the American and French Revolution.
Challenge : Complete your own revolution. Sell and demote your whole squad, and replace them with all U23 players. Try your best in the league in one season.
Points :
<5th / 2 points
4th / 4 points
3rd / 6 points 
2nd / 8 points 
1st / 10 points

Challenge 19 (19th Century): Birth Of Modern Football



The first ever international football match was played on 30th November 1872 between England and Scotland, which marked the birth of modern days football.
Challenge : Return to where it all started. Join an English club if you are not in one, or quit your current English club and took over another English club. Try your best in the league in one season.
Points :
<5th / 2 points
4th / 4 points
3rd / 6 points 
2nd / 8 points 
1st / 10 points

Challenge 20 (20th Century): World Wars



The 20th century witness two modern days wars, World War I and II, where in WW2, we had seen the war between the Allies and the Axis.
Challenge : Choose a side, the Allies (UK, USA, China, Russia) or the Axis (German, Italian, Japanese). Name 3 players for the side you had chosen. Get goals from them in one season.
Points :
0-25 goals / 2 points
26-50 goals / 4 points
51-75 goals / 6 points
76-100 goals / 8 points
>101 goals / 10 points

Challenge 21 (21st Century): Technology Era



The century we are currently living in, the century where we witness rapid development in technology, with the invention of Social Media, Internet and AI technology. 
Challenge : Experience the ability of AI. Simply let the in game AI managed your transfers. Clear your shortlist, and go on a holiday from the open of the transfer window to the day before your first league match. Let your AI Assistant manage all your transfers, you must not made any transfer. Get an AvR as high as possible with the player your AI bought with the highest transfer fee. Use a player from your reserves if your AI did not buy any.
Points :
<6.00 / 2 points
6.01-7.00 / 4 pts
7.01-8.00 / 6 pts
8.01-9.00 / 8 pts
9.01-10.00 / 10 pts



Rules :

  1. No unlockables or use of editors
  2. Own Tactics only
  3. No coaching badges and Normal Reputation only
  4. A career thread is needed
  5. You may only leave the club when the challenge required you to do so
  6. Attempt ended once you are sacked
  7. You may load any countries you want but England is a must since you will need to managing in England for Challenge 19.

Leaderboard : 

FMM 2020

@Kun Aguero 120/158

Thanks for your time reading this, and feel free to leave any comments or questions. 

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1 minute ago, Varf on fmm said:

So I can manage any club BUT for the 19th challenge it has to be English club? 

Yep any club for Challenge 1-18 (Need to be a club in Europe though for 9-18) and an English club for Challenge 19-21

1 minute ago, LordArezo said:

@Kun Aguero back at it again already! Do you have plans of the Game of Agents you did last year. It was quite the idea! I haven't been on here in a while things seem to have changed...

I does have plans for some interactive games, but maybe not Game Of Agents this year (it gets kinda repetitive and I didn't even manage to finish last season's edition 😅).

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