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Career Impossible Challenge Part 2


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Impossible Challenge

So for those who don't know I completed this challenge back in 2015. Since then I really struggled to get back into the game throughout the years was almost like it killed me. I'm played a few times over the last number of years but had no enjoyment. So one night I decide to download 21 my brain immediately thought 'Impossible Challenge' so hear I am going to attempt this mouth watering challenge. I am going with 'Hard Mode' on top of that 😂.



This has added some years to the challenge. Originally i done it in 15 seasons this will easily surpass that number. So the challenge is a go at this point. The big question what team/country would I visit on my travels firstly. All I know is for some reason I didn't want England - I want to finish it there.


So Catania was the only job currently available so this is our start point. Stay tuned to see how the 1st season went I'm hopeful of a good season.

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On 10/11/2021 at 11:36, Rich said:

Good luck mate, look forward to seeing how you get on 😁

Thanks mate, Please remove that Avi 😭 Bruce has gone 😂

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Season 1 Update

So our first season was upon us lying in the depths of Italian football league Serie C/C it is some way away from Serie A and will seem like an eternity if we ever get there. Maybe we could jump ship along the way for a bigger club with bigger financial backing... Who knows but for now we have to be the Italian Del Boy and work out magic considering the transfer budget is a low £170K!. That with a pretty bad wage budget meant had to rely on loans but we are in a league that I have no managerial experience.

Transfers 2021/22 Ins & Outs


So we relied on young free agents coupled with a few loan signings. I tried to get more but 80% couldn't agree on contacts. Plus with already existing loan deals pre my management next season would look bleak and we would really have to attack the market and be shrewd. So it was kind of a all in situation of getting out this league! 

Italian Cup 


Dumped out the cup I. The early rounds but if I'm honest it wasn't a defeat I was bothered about because there was no hope of is even winning it. The only downfall was losing to a team on par with us but they took their chances and beat us convincingly. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.....

December to January combustion 


So from the beginning of December to the end of January we won only 1 game and before that we developed a gap but we let other teams back in. I tried to stay with the tactic but a little tweak and we started to pick back up the pace but we dropped alot of points amd together with team morale taking a battering this was going to go down to the wire.

The penultimate 5 Games


So with just 5 games to go we had 4 points to make up whilst being mindful that we where only 3 points in front of 3rd place. It really was going to be tight. Needed Bari to lose a couple of games. Could we make a late surge to lift the title....

End of Season 


Bari struggled to really score in the last 5 games which allowed us to take the title on the last game of the season. The end was unbelievably tense. Failing at the first fence would have been shambolic and embarrassing. We then moved onto the Serie C Super Cup which I may add is very weird. It's a league format with just 3 teams and you play just 2 games.

Serie C Super Cup



So we won the Serie C Super Cup by a +1 goal difference. Never in my life has a cup system been so weird and tense at the same time. 

So our first season I would say was very succesful winning 2/3 available with one being one we stood absolutely no chance of winning. 

End of Season Awards


So 3 of our players came 1st, 2nd & 3rd for POTY but funnily enough only one of them featured in the TOTS which is utterly bizarre.


It's always nice to be rewarded for you're excellent managerial skills 😂. Jokes aside, Very successful season and we now enter Season 2.

Season 2 is going to need some bigger players introduced into the team but I can honestly say Catania has a place in my heart.

I've been Lee, I hope you enjoyed the update. See you all very soon 👀

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