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iScout Player Recommendations - Bargain Buys


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This thread is to be used to provide your bargain buys you’ve found on FMM 22, these can range in money but no more than £20m, this can be lower league gems, top flight gems you have found. We did have separate threads for this last year but I thought it be easier keeping them all in here.

You can check out the free transfers with @JamesVillaright HERE

Just a few rules here which has been taken from what the great Foxman @FuddledFoxgave last year to make this thread as useful as possible.

  • Please post a screenshot of his attributes.
  • Please provide some information such as what club you bought him for and what he and you have achieved together. You don’t need to do a long write up and screenshots on there own is ok.
  • Please don’t post about a player you have edited the attributes, potential ability or current ability orbecause clearly he won’t perform as well for other people.
  • No regens.
  • Please keep posts to either recommendations or asking questions about a player so that otherpeople don’t have to wade through lots of“banter” to find recommendations.

I will start of the thread with this young man Kerr Smith who I signed from Dundee United for 3m at the start of the game, he hasn’t played yet but at 18 his stats are brilliant:


Also I have picked up Augustin Alvarez from Penarol in Uruguay for 4.6m and I think his stats speak for themselves.


Give your recommendations 😁

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Only just below the £20m limit, but this guy has been rather good for me. 

Playing in a 2 up top formation. 

Screenshots are just a few games into the second season. 

You could maybe get him a bit cheaper if you use exchanges or a hefty sell on. 



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If anyone wants to buy youth to develop, I can recommend these two from Villa. Obviously I didn’t sign them, so done a quick go with Man City to get an idea on how much you can get them for. 



So you can get both for around £8m, probably less if you add in a sell on or try to negotiate harder. 

This is how they both look a few years in the game, they have spent time on loan and are starting to quickly become my first choice wing backs;



KKH has recently had a month long injury, hence the drop but I am sure he will get that back and look even stronger in a few months time. 

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I didn’t take a ss at the start of the game but he only cost me £875k and this is him and the end of the first season now worth £24.5m




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Harry Chapman, got him on a free at the end of my 1st season, playing Left IF. Absolute hero. Was made of glass though, had a few month long injuries in that time

League 1 & 2 though, he'll rip it up



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