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Career It's a long way to the top. My attempt. FINISHED!


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Season 4


Went a bit mad on recruitment. Signed some real gems though. A lot of "foreigners" came in but they added the quality I needed and there was far less domestic players available for some reason. I also needed a few more loans than normal this season.

Here's how we got on....


The Cups are still on the back burner so no shock at going out of the EFL Cup so early:



However, by some complete miracle we had a dreamy run to the FA Cup Final. Taking two massive scalps on the way:




Liverpool were waiting in the final. We couldn't do the unthinkable, could we???


Nahhhh 🤣

Gave it a good go though. 😊



As for the League. I found that we struggled for goals. Throughout the League's 3-0's and 4-0's happened quite regular but as we progress and I probably fail when signing the right strikers our goal output gets less. Its still OK but will it get us promoted to the big time?


Of course it will! Losing just 4 games. Plenty of draws but that's OK.

We're heading to the Premiership! 😁


Top Performers:



Manager History & Profile:




I'm going to need to add quality again. Hopefully the free agent market throws up a few players that really make a difference. I've told the board that I'll finish mid-table so they've given me £33m. Pressure? Pressure is for tyres!

Thanks for reading. 👍

Edited by Dai_
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1 hour ago, MikeF said:

I ike how you're Wrexham and have bRyan Reynolds.

Yeah. I like it too. 😁🤣

49 minutes ago, Mehmood6647 said:

Could you share your tactics if you don't mind? I've been struggling in my save for awhile now. 

Sorry. I don't share tactics. They're all mine. 

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1 hour ago, Dai_ said:

Sorry. I don't share tactics. They're all mine. 

It's alright bro. Enjoying your career, Keep it up 👍🏻

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Season 5


Need to get this done as I'm keen to try other things now. 

Used my cash well this season and signed some really good players. Hopefully they'll be good enough to get me to my goal of finishing mid-table.


Managed a decent cup run this season. Well, better than decent. We won the EFL Cup. 🤣😄



The FA Cup didn't go so well though.



As for the League.


Comfortably finished in the top 4. Wasn't expecting to but we scored so many goals in games against teams around us (conceded quite a few too) we ended up winning high scoring games by the odd goal all the time.



Top Performers:


I signed Mitrovic late in January because Newcastle (🤦‍♂️) poached my best striker, Sam Greenwood for a minimum fee because i couldn't offer him a new contract to get rid of it. Turned out to be a blessing. 😁

N'Dicka was a long term target. Released by Man City TWO seasons ago and just sat there unemployed. Was waiting for the day I could stump up the wages to get him.

Jasper was a free transfer and Palmer cost me £3.8m.


Manager History & Profile:




Thanks for reading. 👍 

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Just now, broodje kip said:

Great season Dai. Superstar coming next season?

Cheers man. It needs to otherwise Mike will be out on his own at the top of the leaderboard 🤣. Realistically need to win the Champions League or the League at least though. Recruitment is going well so I'm hopeful.

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17 minutes ago, Rich said:

Well done Dai, brilliant season right there, smashing it 💪🏻

Cheers, my man.

10 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Great season. 4th place is where it’s at. 

Might be where I end up again seeing as I'm going all out for the Champions League straight away. 😁

Been drawn with PSG, Milan & Benfica though. 🙈

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Season 6


Hopefully this season is the one! Let's get on with it.


We were competitive in all competitions due to spending wisely in the transfer market.



Extra time. 😥



City again. 😥



So close! 🥺


Now, as I said I'm going all out for the Champions League. Here goes....


Lost our first game to PSG then won the rest.



Dortmund couldn't stop us.



SO MANY PENALTIES!!!! That second leg was crazy. Luckily, we came through on pens. 🤣



Two tight games but we're in the final. 😁


City have knocked us out of both domestic cups and how nice that they're the team we play in the final. 🙈


EASY!! 😁


Top Performers:



Manager History & Profile:




Great season. I'll be starting next season hoping for the all important message to complete this challenge. Im not sure my reputation is high enough yet but hopefully I've done enough.

Thanks for reading! 👍 

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Season 7


I know the message usually comes on the first of July so I quickly skipped straight to it. Unfortunately, it didn't come so I prepared for another season as I usually do. Made a few signings and set my team up for the European Super Cup.



Made easy work of Sporting, then the very next day....



Mission accomplished!! It's come at a weird time, tbh. But I'll take it, of course.


Manager Profile:



I've really enjoyed this challenge. Doing it with Wrexham has been extra fun.

Thanks for following. 👍

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2 minutes ago, StuartM said:

Very well done Dai, you have made this look fairly straight forward!

Thanks. Yeah, it was. Just got the right tactic straight from the off and didn't need to alter a single part of it throughout. 

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Congrats Dai! Your stats are pretty amazing! Who is this guy, Pejpin Verrips? The new Marco van Basten? 

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3 minutes ago, Sasha2 said:

Congrats Dai! Your stats are pretty amazing! Who is this guy, Pejpin Verrips? The new Marco van Basten? 

Thanks. As I said. The tactic is pretty useful for this challenge.


A handsome fella! Great stats. 👌


That one goal he scored for Man Utd was against me which is what alerted me to him.

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