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Tactics 433 Attacker


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Hello to everyone.

I wanted to share with you the tactic I used my career,wich I started as unemployed. I hope this tactic works for you. When I started the league, there was a difference of 10 points berween me and the leader and  we declared the championship 2 weeks before the end. 

Note 1 : I started the league with the Van FK match, I didn't share the previous matches because the fired manager played.

Note 2 : Since the defensive line is high, the opponent can get behind the defense so you should prefer fast defenders.

I hope you like the tactic, I would be very happy if you try it and share your results. 😊😊














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4 hours ago, Duc98 Nguyen said:

Kaleci ve penaltı noktasını işaretle, hala çalışıyor mu?

Not as much as Fmm 21, but I transferred Vagué at halftime and he scored 10 goals.

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Thank you so much for this I’ve now gone unbeaten in 15 league games with Bristol rovers in league 1. My question is tho what style of okay do you use with this ? 

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53 minutes ago, Ashjohn said:

Bunun için çok teşekkür ederim Lig 1'de Bristol rovers ile 15 lig maçında yenilmedim. Benim sorum şu ki, bununla ne tarz bir ok kullanıyorsunuz? 

I'm glad your tactic worked for you. I am using gegenpress
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Amazing tactic! Was unbeatable and won the treble (Europa) on the first season with Bayer 04!

Had most of the goals scored by the defenders from corner kicks lol

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On 12.05.2022 at 13:10, cursedcoach said:

İnanılmaz taktik! Rakipsizdi ve Bayer 04 ile ilk sezonunda tiz (Europa) kazandı!

Gollerin çoğu köşe vuruşlarından defans oyuncuları tarafından atıldı lol

That's great dude, yes I scored most of the goals from corner kicks too 🙃

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