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Chat FMM 2022 first look @ Chelsea

G Godfrey

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I’m attempting to recreate a 343 system with Chelsea.

I share my thoughts on the game and look at some of the new features

I’ve added screenshots to show what this looks like in practice in the game


Comfortable defensive shape here. Mount and Kante in a position to counter.


Safe here through attack. Havetz dropping deep with space on the ball


3 players on edge of the box + Lukaku occupying 3 players in the box


Mount takes 4 players out of the games with one pass creating a 2v2


Clearance led to a goal as they had no threat as the middle is covered with 5 players back, 5 in attack!


Kante passes to mount simple great team goal


The idea is to create overloads and underloads all over the pitch 

Hope it runs smooth enjoy 

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Hello, I've been trying to implement the tactics of T.T in fmm22 too. It's not going to be exact obviously but this is a nice attempt. I have been trying to play a 3-4-2-1 and 3-4-1-2. I will post results and tactics if ever they are successful. 

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I’ve had initial success with 3421 dropping the 2 midfielders (2 CM —> 2 CDM) ! Seems better in defence and also leaves the option to bring on a striker. Be nice to see what you come up with…

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