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Tactics Asymmetric 4(ish)-3(ish)-3(ish)


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Presented without much comment. It's not often I manage to create something which is successful while also remaining solid defensively. Only tested currently with Liverpool, with only 2 signings (Nkunku & Bynoe-Gittens) and not tweaked at all during the season (except in-game).

The Formation:



The IF FR is the real star of this team, and I feel I could probably move everyone behind him back a position to cut back further on goals conceded, and still achieve the same results. 








The league:



Unbeaten with only 6 conceded is a solid start. 32 of those goals came from Salah, and 8 from Elliott, both playing in the FR IF position. With a little tweaking, maybe there are more goals available across the pitch.

The draws:





All 4 league draws were 0-0, 3 away from home, try as I might in these games, I couldn't get the goals that were needed, and aside from Arsenal, probably didn't look like conceding either.

Managed to win the FA Cup also, however I was embarrasingly knocked out of both the League Cup (4th Round) & Champions League (1st KO Round) on penalties.

Player stats:







Feel free to try, and tweak if you like. I'll probably check back in a few times with updates as I continue and make changes to improve goalscoring and shore up the defence.

If anyone does want further info, or more screenshots, let me know, as I haven't begun the next season yet, and probably won't until around 5pm, so I can still view this season currently.


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Having conceded only 6 goals, while not having the best CB partnership in game? Im curious what would it be like if you had De Ligt instead of Joe, also curious of the way you allowed those goals to happen, maybe a counter, considering you play so high up the pitch? Anyways, superb results from the first season, looking forward to seeing more, good luck!

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It would be interesting to see if I could reduce the goals conceded with a better defensive partner, and it's likely where I'll strengthen next season, with Matip getting older.

I don't recall the specifics of each goal unfortunately, but they were as follows:

3-1 vs. Burnley, Chris Wood 11'
3-1 vs Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku 14'
1-2 vs West Ham, Hannibal 19'
3-1 vs Man City, Jack Grealish 61'
3-1 vs Brentford, Marcus Forss, 45+3' (pen)
1-2 vs Man Utd, Edinson Cavani, 22'

So all identical results, 3-1 home wins, 1-2 away wins. All but 1 goal conceded was scored in the first half, and only once (vs. West Ham) did we concede first, so throughout a whole season, we only went behind once.


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4 hours ago, JamesVilla said:

With the way the game is going for me, only conceding 6 goals is superb. You could quite possibly have a record there, and keep hold of it for while if you pop it into the thread. 

Bro when ur 1k tactics will upload ?? 😂

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