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Career On The Bandwagon - IALWTTT


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After doing about 3 tester careers building a tactic I thought what better way to actually test my tactics than join the bandwagon and get on to lower league management😁

You can find the challenge HERE

So this is my initial screen after starting:


I will be back with an update later on who I have managed to persuade that I’m the right man for the job.

Thank you for reading and as always your comments are very much appreciated.

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So we have a job, it was between these and Southend but I didn’t fancy Southend as they had been in the football league recently, anyway here we go:


So the finances and the facilities are outstanding so I can’t see anything going wrong here:


Wish me luck as I need it for sure!

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15 minutes ago, StuartM said:

Welcome to the club Rich and with no other than early 90s ravers The Shamen too! (A joke for the oldies there kids...)

I just missed out on raving in the 90s as I was born in 1990 😂

added 0 minutes later
Just now, broodje kip said:

I hope you fail miserably that they have to build a statue of me.

I honestly feel like I will 😂

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Season 1

Hello and welcome back to my rise to the top, I took over a Halifax team which honestly was not in the best of shape even though they were 9th in the league so not doing too badly. The manager had left for a league 2 team which opened up the possibility for me to bring them back in to the football league. They were last in the football league in 2002 and unfortunately dissolved in 2008.



Most of the signings came before I came, I terminated a lot just to bring my own players in, but I can’t remember ever having such a poor team tbh 😂

Manager History


So this is a teaser as I won’t let you know how we did in the play offs until later. So we initially really struggled until I got a set up that worked, gone from 3 at the back to 2 as I remembered that lower league teams cannot handle a team that attacks them. But let’s see if we got promoted?

The League and Play Off Campaign


So a great end to the season, as you can see really figured out a tactic at the end, we created a hell of a lot of chances in the play off final and got a well deserved win even though Grimsby were the better team across the season. Makes me look forward to next season as I have a tactic sorted.

Manager Profile


So no money spent and no money brought in, hoping free signings and loans will be the way we go anyway. I want to get that youth and financial control up! Cannot get rid of the underline for some reason 😂

Thank you for reading, as always your comments are very much appreciated.

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13 minutes ago, notababushka said:

dammit you already got promoted! guess the only way to beat you now is to get a Prem team and stay there for 5 years 😁

My plan is to get promoted every year and win the premiership first season 👀😂


6 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Only 6th? I’m expecting more from you, Rich

I’m sorry Sir, I hope I can do better next season😢

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Season 2

So a very hard day working…….at FMM today, managed to smash through another season in about 4 hours. Let’s see how I got on eh?




So plenty of ins and outs, think this will be every summer to be fair. £2.4m for Mellor came right at the end of January so I didn’t use any of it, going to keep it for wages next season and it should make a huge difference.

How We Got On?




So we win the league which I’m pleased with but ohhh boy did we make it hard for ourselves, our form in April and May dipped so much, I was not confident that we would get promoted at one stage. But we got over the line. I’m not sure how next season will go as we have such poor facilities and a average squad.

Manager Profile


Around The World


So the English clubs dominate Europe and the world. However Newcastle don’t even get top four 🙈

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated.

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25 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Bloody hell. You've rattled out two seasons before I've even noticed you had started. 

Doing well. Keep it going.

I know, I’m proper in to this save now, been a while since I done two seasons in less than 24 hours 😂

Cheers Dai 👍

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On 13/11/2021 at 05:21, Rich said:

I know, I’m proper in to this save now, been a while since I done two seasons in less than 24 hours 😂

About time to quit then! :D

Well done mate, nice start. I see Goals For is on the way up which is a good sign. Predict you will win the league next season too.

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13 hours ago, StuartM said:

The 'fax are well on their way to being West Yorkshire's best... not sure how I feel about that! Well done mate

You’re a Halifax fan deep down Stu! Thanks mate.

12 hours ago, broodje kip said:

No idea when you even finished the 2nd season but well done, Rich.


5 hours ago, Scratch said:

About time to quit then! :D

Well done mate, nice start. I see Goals For is on the way up which is a good sign. Predict you will win the league next season too.

Well you guys will be shocked at this but I’ve actually completed another two seasons so I need to update this!

One thing I will say is I’m still working out tactics but I’ve finally clicked a tactic that wins games for the underdog, only happened towards the end of season 3 though! 

Thanks Guys, update coming later 👍

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