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Career IALWTTT: Rookie Alert!!


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Hi everyone! I'm new here and just got FMM22. Saw that many of the veterans here are starting off with IALWTTT challenge and decided to try one out myself. Main objective for me is just to get to know the game more but we shall see where this brings me to!

Anyway, I'm just gonna drop the manager profile down and get cracking!


So, after applying for a couple jobs in the upper echelons of English football, I was brought back down to earth when my interviewers said I was simply too trash for the clubs in League one and two. 

But, there was 1 club willing to gamble on me, perhaps after I impressed them with my tactics (definitely better than any so-called tactics Ole is using)


KING'S LYNN TOWN is my new club! Am just gonna call it Klynnt or KLYNNT from now on cos it sounds cooler and much easier to type. Yeah so that's my villain origin story and I hope to be back soon with some updates!

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4 hours ago, Rich said:

Welcome mate and good luck, look forward to seeing how you get on 😁

Thanks man!

4 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Good luck mate, you are surely better than Rich

LOL thanks! i hope i can live up to your real high expectations man!

4 hours ago, StuartM said:

Good luck mate!

I'm taking this on too but I'm only a veteran in age not skill 😉

Thanks! well, to be a veteran in skill, you need some age on your side too haha can't wait to see your career too!

1 hour ago, Cockers2505 said:

Good luck, what Month did it take before you got the offer? I had to watch clubs sack managers, hire managers (Not me) before Chelmsford eventually accepted in Novemeber

Thanks! i actually got offered the job on 23rd August so i guess about a month?  got the screenshot belowimage.thumb.png.1a0a3e518c4ae1220219eaf9f029cbab.png

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Alright lads! I am back with the completion of Season 1 and damn the lower leagues are so tough! got some free transfers in and sold some fringe players but seriously, this team needs more wage budget man. Can't seem to balance the books 😅

So, unfortunately, I didn't get promoted but on the bright side, i didn't get relegated!image.thumb.png.673cd4279290ed30aa6f28e85eab1ff9.png

From the profile screen, we can see the squad just outright DISLIKES me even though i just led a relegation-bound club to mid-table safety but oh well, I'M STILL HERE!



And here, you can see our wages are just a wee bit too high! the board wasn't too happy but hey i got them to stay up!



Ok here's the confusing part! apparently i played 44 games while the rest of the teams played 43?? and the VNL is a 23 teams league so im pretty sure every team should be playing 44 games. Maybe a bug or something idk. But yeh we finished 12th and i think the board is pretty satisfied although we did lose our last 5 games in a row 😄 which basically took us out of contention for the playoffs (still pissed at the team btw urghhh 🤬)

That's all for the update for season 1, hoping to start season 2 in a bit!

Edited by notababushka
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Yeah that is a weird one, I think they all played 44 on mine😂

Anyway that’s a solid first season and now you get the summer to get better players in and I’m sure you’ll smash it mate.

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16 hours ago, Rich said:

Yeah that is a weird one, I think they all played 44 on mine😂

Anyway that’s a solid first season and now you get the summer to get better players in and I’m sure you’ll smash it mate.

thanks! am really going deep to search for more freebies lol addicted to the free stuff!

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Season 2 Teaser

Time for some teasers! I mean we all know we gonna get near promotion right? otherwise @Richwill definitely be running away with his team already in League 2. But who's gonna win the title? Can I drag this team to automatic promotion by winning the title? LETS GO KLYNNT!!!

Also, i made big bucks (yes 550k is big LOL) and got in some free stuff! lets see who gets a glimpse of a somewhat familiar name among those freebies


That's all for now! See yall next time!

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Massive result winning the league!

How did Timmy do for you? i have him and he's a beast until he hits the Championship and then his terrible movement kicks in. Still on 18 from 38 though.

Edited by MikeF
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Well done mate, thats a great season. I've just signed Sitti but I think his release clause is quite a bit less than £550k 🤦‍♂️

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15 hours ago, Rich said:

Great season mate, well done on getting that league title, brilliant 👏🏻

Thanks! Am really getting into the groove at the club (fingers crossed)

15 hours ago, MikeF said:

Massive result winning the league!

How did Timmy do for you? i have him and he's a beast until he hits the Championship and then his terrible movement kicks in. Still on 18 from 38 though.

Thanks! Ah i will be covering a little about lil Timmy in my update but he's been decent, a little inconsistent though

14 hours ago, StuartM said:

Well done mate, thats a great season. I've just signed Sitti but I think his release clause is quite a bit less than £550k 🤦‍♂️

Thanks mate! haha tbh i have no idea what i did but if Colchester wants him for 550k, I ain't saying no! He hasn't been blowing it up in the league anyway so i just decided to get rid of him and keep the cash

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Season 2 Update

Results (Trophies incoming!)

Hey everyone! So some of you have already figured out i won the league but actually that screenshot above was meant to make yall guess the result of the last game. But oh wells, it's fine! YES, KLYNNT won the league and got promoted! 


Actually lost the last game and very fortunately, Barnet lost too, handing us the title without too much fuss!

Also, got myself a Cup while at the peak of VNL!



Manager Profile


Manager profile finally looking decent, with the squad giving me some respect WOOTS!


Player Stats (MVP or Flops?)


The main man (or so I thought and hoped) Timmy, brother of Tammy of Roma, got us 34 goals contributions and damn that's value for money considering he came for free!

BUT i signed 2 strikers in the summer transfer window and it is the other man who got me a little happier because he scores at the more important times, namely when i need a goal to secure victory. whereas Timmy tend to stack up his goals against opponents we were already trashing. SO yea i sort of prefer Mr. Rob Harker below.


Clinical is the word for him, stats wise ain't as good as Timmy but he produces when we need him. And just noticed as I'm typing that Harker actually has more Player of the Match awards than Timmy so yea Harker seems better imo. Yall might wanna check him out for lower league football!


End of Season 2 Squad Changes

The end of season 2 saw some departures as our key CB Dorsett leaves to Lincoln City (mainly cos his ratings weren't as high as the other CBs i had so i was willing to let him go for a tidy profit). Other sales were just fringe players.



Unfortunately, the start of Season 3 also saw the departure of dear old Timmy as his release clause was met (iirc)



End Season Thoughts

That's all for Season 2 and it has been largely enjoyable on my part, just frustrating sometimes when my strikers miss wide open shots, like completely kick off target, perhaps its down to me being used to managing top clubs in previous versions.

I also noticed some veterans like @MikeF have already gotten very far in the challenge. Big ups to you man! 👍 Seems like I wont be near the top of the leaderboard but hey, it's all about enjoying the process right? 

See yall next time!


Edited by notababushka
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Season 3 Update


Hello peeps! I'm back with a very short update here. Basically, i overestimated my team's strength, turns out the defenders are atrocious so i had to spend half the season tinkering with tactics and making sure we don't fall into the relegation zone, which once again, slows me down


Ended the season in 12th and dayum that was horrible, was actually around the playoff spots until teams started scoring late goals like crazy against us, pushing us down in the second half of the season.


Manager Profile

From the spending, you can see im more of a moneyball manager especially down in the lower leagues! something of a billy beane myself! Ok im kidding, i realised i tend to make less transfers that require cash in the lower leagues because i have absolutely no idea how to determine a good enough player for that particular league, especially the league 2 and league 1 stage since it's a bit of a no man's land for me. So ya i am working on that at the moment! learning new things about myself everyday!


And yes my loyalty went down when i tried applying for higher tier jobs LOL spoiler alert, it gets worse in season 4!



These are the transfers for the season and yea made a tidy profit from the free transfers i brought in a season ago. But overall, it has been a miserable season



Post-season reflections

Overall, season 3 was terrible, gotta improve my transfers skills for lower league. Frustration really got the better of me at times, almost tearing my hair out every time i concede a last minute goal. Spoiler alert again, season 4 was frustrating but not as bad. Update for season 4 will be out soon! Thanks for reading and see yall later!

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Season 4 Update

Sorry for the 1 week hiatus lads, been busy with studies. But here it is! Season 4! And KLYNNT has won the league woots!! So, up to League 2 for Season 5!


Well erm this is half the challenge completed? haha



image.thumb.png.f7476a6f502d2f96962430b30b46a4b0.png image.thumb.png.90ebd854b7a7f4c4e338956684a4e6c8.pngimage.thumb.png.1f5004bbd79cd485871e75885ed62c9d.pngimage.thumb.png.df19727e31fc2a316ddbfdce2f681d8a.png

Yes, my loyalty went up a little after Season 3 cos i just decided to stay at KLYNNT from now on.


Okay so that's a short update for season 4! thanks for reading! Season 5 might take a while cos exams are coming up! See ya!


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