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If I save game before a match and quit the game after the match…does the game ‘remember’ the result and force a similar result or is it a fresh game….

the scenario I am in is every year when I buy the game I work on a tactic, I generally test it over four games then play the same four games with different tweaks. The first game of my test is  Barnsley vs Luton (I play as Barnsley)and no matter what system I play I always get battered on shots and possession and 9/10 lose the fixture.

I originally lost the fixture on first play so wondered if saving and reloading is a pointless exercise 


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The results usually vary a bit in the short term I’ve found which is why I feel it’s better to test things over as many games as you possibly can. The problem with going far into the season though is that you then have to rotate more and subsequently can’t then get an exact picture based on your preferred lineup.

I usually test things over the first five or so games at the beginning and if I get something going well after about 20 tests of that I move onto trying it over something like 20 games.

Just how I test things and no doubt others do things differently.

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