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Arsenal have been on downfall since Wenger left, but in last few days they show that they can make a comeback. Sitting 5th at league, it wasn't really an improvement over Wenger, but fans still believe. Can you do better than Mikel Arteta? Can you bring back the glory days from the past?


Challenge rules:

-no editor and custom databases, badges and reputation must not be higher than bronze/local

-the challenge can last as much as you want, though only first five seasons will count for points. It may not be shorter than two seasons

-you need to find new Henry, a french player 24 or younger

-the goal is winning a treble and having a invincible season (treble and invincibles season can be in two different seasons)

Points: (only first 5 seasons count for points, so it is fair for everyone)

-every goal scored by new Henry: 1 point

-every objective completed: 100 points

-sum of upper two multiply with goals/appearances of new Henry 

Bonus points:

-you signed new Henry from Ligue Un or Serie A: 15 points

-treble season and invincibles season were in same season: 25 points

-you broke the world record for most league points in single season (currently held by Red Star Belgrade's 2020/21 incredible 108 points season): 50 points

-each English player in your first 11: 10 points


-more North London derbies won

-less losses

-less goals conceded


I hope I made this interesting and fair enough, enjoy playing!

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