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Tactics 4-2-3-1 LLM


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First tactic post, using this with Wrexham. 

Largely unchanged in Yr1, other than to bring in a new keeper. Smashed the league. 

2nd year, expected to get relegated, currently in 2nd. With mostly free transfer signings, clearly FMM didn't realise we're rich now








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Still worked well in League 2, expected to get relegated. Stumbled over the line in the end, had some major defensive injuries so had to play the kids, still managed to get a good few results to finish off, despite the talent playing at the end


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Started League 1, had injuries to both my established CBs to start, so played my kids at the back. Ropey start while it all gelled

Once everyone is fit however, flying. Including beating top of the league Wednesday away. All Cup matches played with youth, to get experience, I expect to lose these. 

Think this would be good for anyone else to try lower league



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On 17/11/2021 at 07:18, ManolisIV said:

Very good results actually. ill give it a try

Hope it goes well. I'm up in 3rd in league 1, in January. Straight promotions so unexpected 

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League table & next set of results. I've crossed out the cup results, I play my youth team so don't hold it against them for getting beat. 

December was also a game every 3-4 days, hard on the players






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2 hours ago, Myfanwy365 said:

Boom. Really need to do something about the amount I'm conceding next year



Both your midfielders will naturally move around a fair bit, which won't be difficult to play through. Maybe try one of them as a CM to steady it a bit?

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Plug and play. I just did change DLP to CM as Schwantz32 suggest tho. I use this with Sunderland. Won L1 on first season and got second place in Championship on second season. Also won the FA cup with some dumb luck. All the top team got beaten by Championship team and lower PL team. Meet Charlton in the final. Feel like I just walk in the park. Struggle in third season. Still in PL in fourth season. Free transfer do wonder for me. Adebayor carried the team for the first two season.

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