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Help Striker Roles


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I was curious what striker roles you have found to be the most successful in your formations. I'm wanting the striker to be the main goal scoring threat but to also assist when needed. It would be in 4-2-3-1 with an AP so I'm hesitant to use a T. I was thinking of switching the AP to an AM to use a T but that doesn't seem like it would make sense.

TLDR: What striker role do you fancy the most in a 4-2-3-1?

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Targetman is great. It doesn’t just mean balls in the air. More a focal point for passes. Balls in the air but also through the middle.  Your AP will feed him well sitting behind him. 

AF is always solid if you want him setting goals up too. 

Poacher more so if you want him to get most of the goals.

I’ve heard good things about PF but haven’t experimented with that role yet!

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AF (if the player has good movement value and speed) would be my preferred choice as he not only converts the chances but opens good spaces for the 3 offensive men behind him. Of course I suggest to consider also his role traits. 

One Happy example of my own... 


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