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Career Long Shaun attempts 1kc challenge


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Hello vibe, been playing fm for the 3rd year and I'm gonna be trying out my first challenge and it's going to be the 1kc challenge.

Team: Tottenham Hotspurs
Being a spurs fan, I'm gonna pick this team for my first ever challenge. The ratings for most of the squad was completely destroyed this year which will add to the difficulty of playing in a difficult league. Thankfully, spurs are only in the Europa conference league which hopefully the easier games will give us some nice goals.

Player: Dane Scarlett
Don't think he needs much of an introduction. Big prospect in real life so hopefully he pops off for us.



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Great choice of team there mate! I've been toying between a Spurs save next or a 1k. Maybe i'll join you and do both in one go! I used Scarlett in FMM21 and he was a beast. His Aerial can get quite high with the right training.

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Season 1

Dane Scarlett:
Started off nicely scoring 4 goals in 4 games but then got injured for 3 weeks in an England U-21 match. Fell off after that only managing to score 14 more goals in 50 appearances. Of course, he came off the bench for alot of these games and was also substituted off. Stats wise, he is coming along nicely but would love to see the aerial rise more.:



League: 5th
Carabao cup: winners on pen
FA cup: winners on pen
Europa Conference league: quarter finals to OL
Not too disappointed with how the cup competitions went. Would have loved to win the conference league but it ain't the end of the world going out to OL. Not too upset with finishing 5th as not being in the champions league means slightly easier games.





Player Stats:

Definitely gonna tweak the tactics a little as my current tactic definitely worked better with llorente who has higher aerial ability.




Didn't need a 124M player sitting on the bench for most games so had to sell Kane. Apart from that, got rid of some high wage players with ordinary stats.

Brought in a few experienced players and some young talents.




Manager stats:




Full Fixtures:

Ups and downs. Having good runs then bad runs.









Total Tally: 18/1000

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Actually qualified for club world cup which runs through into the next season. Am I supposed to include his grp stage goals in season 1 and the knock out stage goals in season 2?


18 hours ago, Titjes said:

Welcome and good luck, great player choice 😉



Well disaster has struck as I accidentally saved over this file as I was playing my Leicester city save

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