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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 Arsenal


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This was my first save on FMM22, I just plugged whatever so I could start playing and it turned out really wel

This is my first time posting a tactic so bear with me. I didn't except it to do well so I didn't save all the results. 


Screenshot_20211116-105534_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105538_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105541_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105544_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105759_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105755_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105752_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105706_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-105640_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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1 hour ago, Lenko said:

Just started an Arsenal save so will try this out, when did you buy Gunn and is he any good

Ramsdale wanted a new challenge and Gunn was transfer listed. He's been better than Ramsdale for sure

Screenshot_20211123-134054_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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On 04/08/2022 at 19:47, Qasimshah7 said:

great tactic, have used it in so many career modes and it has always brought me success, would definitely recommend

On the most recent update as well?

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On 19/10/2022 at 15:31, Schwantz34 said:

On the most recent update as well?

yes, very late reply but it worked miracles for me, the only thing i did was have the striker play as a poacher, worked brilliantly tbh.

its shit on FMM23 though, wouldnt recommend it for the new game

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