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Career Pretoria Callies F.C - My Philosophy


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So, FM22 Mobile is here & as always, my 1st managerial career on the game is with a club from the new country added, starting off unemployed & unknown. The 1st job offer I received was from Pretoria Callies F.C who expected the club to finish mid-table & thought I held the right aptitude to take them there. On researching my new club, there was not much information I could find but loving a challenge, couldn't wait to get stuck into it.


Pretoria Callies F.C actually have quite a solid infrastructure to help get the club to where it needs to be. The stadium holds over 28,000 supporters & is beautiful as seen below, not bad for a lower league side. The facilities could be better but are basically average, doing the bare minimum for the club- I'll have to look to improve this.



As always, the training regime was delegated to Assistant Manager Bafana Nhlapo. The staff room was relatively short needing scouts & 1x Physio, both of which have both been acquired, more to do here though. The clubs finances are actually secure despite heavy spending improving the squad.



Transfers in & out have definitely got trickier in FM22Mobile, with a real struggle finding talent for this club. The transfers in were mostly free or cheap, bought in a bit of a scramble as talented players tended to hold work permits which got declined or had high wage demands. Pretoria Callies F.C started with a big squad, mostly deadwood, with all players out being released as not good enough to compete.




For this career, I used my Attacking Tiki-Taka tactic, which was so successful for me in FM21 Mobile. The choice was a good one, winning a lot of my early matches. The tactic was consistent all season, shown by us having the best defence in the league as well as going 13x games without defeat.



My 1st season with Pretoria Callies FC is in the books & we actually ended up winning the GladAfrica Championship!! We played some beautiful football & only lost 3x matches, with a 62% win rate. We even went to the semi-finals of the cup, beating Orlando Pirates in the quarter-finals.








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So, 4 years have been & much has changed in my 1st Career on FM22 Mobile. After my 1st successful season with Pretoria Callies, the club pulled off an incredible 2nd place position in the Premiership in my 2nd season at the club, a remarkable feat. That said, my 3rd Season with Pretoria Callies was less successful with more money but poor choices made in the transfer market(Players were too young), the club finished a lowly 10th position. To my surprise, the club released me from my position. 

After applying for a new job, Tuks FC( University of Pretoria FC) came forward for me & I agreed to join them, becoming their new manager. I became manager of Tuks FC as they had confirmed promotion to the Premiership, which gave me a perfect chance to start a fresh. With a strong budget & better signings made, I achieved a 5th place finish in my 1st official season at the club, which I actually thought should have been higher due to the quality of our players.

This takes me to now, Tuks FC 2025/26 season which has been amazing. The board again provided me with a good budget & excellent infrastructure & we made some outstanding signings for this level. With only 3x losses all season & 16 goals scored against us, the club achieved a historic South African Treble! We won the Premiership, Nedbank Cup & MTN 8 Cup!🥳🥳🥳

Hopefully future years are even more impressive! 

Further updates to follow..



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Final Update - My career at Pretoria Callies FC

So, I have just reached the end of my 1st career with Pretoria Callies in Football Manager Mobile 2022. As you can see below, my 1st career was not smooth sailing & it took quite a while to find my feet. The Board are much more demanding in FMM22, with the board sacking me in my 1st spell in charge of Tuks FC despite winning the treble! You can also see I lost some spirit from this midway through the career & just could not find a way of winning using my philosophy, having some ups but many downs. Finally, I found my path back to Pretoria Callies FC where everything clicked & I had an amazing last 10 seasons being very successful!

I used my Philosophy & Attacking Tiki Taka tactic but now through buying 16-30 year olds based in the Country who may or may not be interested but specialise in PACE,DECISIONS & TEAMWORK as seen below.



Personal Stats

Over the course of my career, I won 35 competitions. Of these, 9x were League wins & 26 were Cup wins, including 3x promotions. This is an outstanding achievement, emphasised in wining a South African Quadruple twice!

Furthermore, out of 1265 matches managed over my 30 seasons, I won 721 of them, a win rate of 57%, roughly the same as Sir Alex Ferguson. I only lost 20% of all of these matches. I hold a continental reputation at the end of my career, something I would debate should be higher but still an incredible achievement.

Among my biggest achievements, were 7x DSTV Priemership titles, 9x CAF Champions League, 6x Nedbank Cups, 6x MTN 8 Cups etc.


Club Stats

I spent my best times in this career with the Pretoria Callies FC. You can see the club now has State of the art 1st team facilities & Superb Youth facilities. The club holds over 41,000 capacity.

Please additional club stats below:



This has been a fun but challenging start to FMM22. The career started off incredibly positively but challenging competition & stricter board expectation's saw me struggle midway through. I finally found my way in the last 10 seasons with Pretoria Callies FC, my original club. 

I have enjoyed playing this career in South Africa & there are a few really competitive clubs including Orlando Pirates & the Kaiser Chiefs. That said, by the end of this career, I was very successful, winning 2x Quadruples & a treble in my final season. My philosophy for FMM22 has been cemented now. 

I look forward to being successful in other countries again now.

Additional Screenshots



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